Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nadskai Wedding

On 1.3.14, #Nadskai1314 finally happened! Weddings are always happy occasions, and the happiest moment for the bridesmaids (besides seeing our bride tie the knot), is the GATECRASH! *cues evil laughter* hahaha. We thought hard about how to torture the boys and it was so much fun!

There are 5 bridesmaids in total, so we decided to have 5 individual challenges, followed by Suan, Tian, Ku, La, and a wedding contract!

Challenge #1: Each groomsmen has to do 5 push-ups on top of the groom and for every single push-up, the groom has to shout a reason why he loves the bride. Total of 25 reasons! The whole process is face-timed for Nadia, who is waiting in her bridal suite!

One of the boys deliberately kissed the groom in this position. So funny!

Challenge #2: The boys had to follow the yoga pose as shown on the posters provided. It was hilarious seeing how they improvised the poses! Haha!

Challenge #3: They had to wear all these crazy props and dance to the music! We pasted sticky notepads on them and they'd have to dance vigorously to shake them off but they play cheat by using the boas to sweep them off! Anyway, the "decorations" looked super matchy with their outfits! Hehe.

Challenge #4: One of them has to be topless while the rest has to be blindfolded and put on lipstick, choose a piece of card from the basket and kiss the topless man's body part that is stated on the card. Sadly, none of them kena armpit (which would be quite funny especially after some sweaty games hahahahaha).

Most of them are quite lucky and got tame cards but one took the lips card and another took the feet. Everyone was super sporting though, which makes it all the more fun! One of them even managed to plant a kiss on Jacelyn's arm, and claimed victory!!!!

Challenge #5: This one is wild!!!! Every one of them stand in a row, wear undies bearing the name N,A,D,N,U,T, dangle a piece of banana and the person beside has to bite and eat the banana. Lots of laughter during this round!!

Went upstairs and prepared them to a feast of super sour lemon juice (pure juice squeezed fromn real lemons), big bottle of coke, bittergourd with coffee powder, and wasabi collon.

Then, it was ANGPOW time!!!! It was quite funny cos the boys managed to find another door and managed to barge into the bridal suite before we gave them permission to do so!!!!! Carrie chased the groom out and I laugh everytime I think about it.

The groom writes a wedding contract. Nadia will find some way to include the words "chanel bag" in it I'm sure. Lol.

Photo with the bride!

Then, it was time for tea ceremony!

Bunch of baby's breath for the bridemaids. So pretty!

A happy #nadbridesmaids photo!
We were colorfully dressed in Clubcouture customized dresses - Elaine in yellow, Jacelyn in pink, me in lilac, Carrie in light blue and Fidelis in dark blue! It was a wonderful pastel mix of Nadia's favorite colors!

And the groomsmen in vivid colors!

Here's a proper group photo of us!

And one of  us being busy! Love this set of photos!

Afterwards we had lunch and some snooze time! Our schedule was very nicely planned and we had no need to rush, unlike usual weddings! We dolled up for dinner and thanks to Fidelis, I had my hair curled! Love how she did my hair, so nice! I can never do that on my own.

Check out Nadia's floral bouquet for the night. So beautiful and bling and matches her shiny wedding gown!

A group photo of the dearest bridesmaids after changing into our dinner dresses. Without planning ahead, we coincidentally wore the colors blue/red! Mine is actually pink but it looks red in photos so yep, we look like we color-coordinated our dresses!

Check out the hongbao box at the reception, so creative!

Picture of the pretty bridesmaids taking care of the reception. Nadia really chose the right people because these three are perfect people for this. Carrie specializes in public relations, Elaine used to be a stewardess, and Fidelis is just so naturally chirpy, smiley and high!

In between tea ceremony breaks, I managed to snap these few photos of the reception area, which was very nicely decorated!

I really liked the pictures in Nadia's pre-wedding photo album!

I sneakily ate one of the macarons while on the job and it's so yummy! Hehehe.

There was also a photobooth corner, which everybody loved!

Some of the photos taken at the photobooth. Photos are even nicer than the ones in my own camera!

Clara, Milly, and me!

Belinda and me! Everytime I think of Kko Kko Nara I think of her because we planned to go there again for Korean food since afew years ago but it never succeeded.

Rachie, Jacelyn, Eileen, and me!

Managed to grab the busy bride for a photo with Jacelyn and me. Haha.

Bridesmaids photo again! We are Team Bride!

Look at the floral arch at the entrance of the garden-theme ballroom! Pretty!!!!! I just went to google images of floral arch and I am falling in love with every single one of them. Can I have one at my bedroom entrance? Haha.

Rose-petals on the "grass"....

Balloons, flowers, the things that fairytales are made of. The scene was beautiful!

Fairylights on the stage!

2nd march in, Nadia in a purple gown.

I wore earrings from Femmex.

The table's favourite dish of the night. It is exceptionally yums!

The newly-married couple!

A group photo to end this long and colorful blog entry! I wish Nadia and Skai a loving marriage with happiness every single day. Thanks for getting me to be one of your bridesmaids, we are so happy to see you married!


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  2. What a beautiful wedding, every little touch just lovely! Many congratulations

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