Thursday, March 20, 2014


Chatted with bf over the phone after dinner for almost 1.5 hr and it felt good! I think that communication is most important in a relationship and putting a little time to share one's day is extremely essential to building the bond and feel closer! We used to talk more but we have been busy recently :(

After the call, the first thing I did was to quickly check if I was the one who made the outgoing call or him. Lucky is him! Hahaha. I only have 300 free minutes, cannot anyhow use!

We continued chatting on fb after that and suddenly, he called asking me to open my door. He came to pass me surprise supper! :D

It has been some time since he last did that! He told me that he actually wanted to drive over earlier (so that he can go back and catch the 9pm drama zzz) but I was talking to him on the phone and delayed his plans (and made him missed the show eventually) Haha.

A reminder to self:
live in the moment. don't worry about the past or future, because life will only lead to happier places. if it's meant to be, it will be. and if it's not, something better will come along. because life is always good.

Spent yesterday feeling very inspired. And I hope one day I would be living the life I have always dreamed! I wonder if it's possible for someone to have a blissful happy life with no obstacles or major hiccups? If possible, I want!!!! Can give me? Hahaha.

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