Sunday, March 23, 2014

Majolica Majorca X Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress

It was my first time attending a Majolica Majorca event although I have noticed their glamorous and beautiful packaging since awhile back! I guess the same applies to their events, because the venue was prettily done up with florals and carnival booths.

Here are some photos taken during the event!

Meiting and me at their photo booth!

We were tasked to go to each carnival booth and play some mini games related to their products.


I was quite interested in the eyeliner after the people at Majolica Majorca introduced it! I am currently using the Line Hunter liquid eyeliner and I love the smooth application and intense black. To see how it looks, I used the Line Hunter eyeliner in 1, 2, and 4 of my post HERE. I love how easy it is to draw different type of lines on my eye because of the special flat tip brush!

Will try out the other newly launched products Honey Pump Gloss and Perfect Automatic Liner soon!


Ben saw the Air Feel shampoo and conditioner that I brought back from the event and commented that he is also using this brand and it is really good! After I tried it, I felt that indeed it does volume my flat hair and I love the fragrance too! My hair is also smoother on days when I use the Ma Cherie conditioner. Newly launched are the refill packs for both Air Feel and Moisture range. I think I will definitely be getting the refill packs after my bottle finishes!

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