Saturday, March 8, 2014


Some time back, I received this lovely box stuffed with candies and the full set of pretty lashes and highly-raved eyelid tapes from GirlymakeIf you do not know yet, the producer behind Girlymake is actually Qiuqiu and I have seen many other bloggers wearing these lashes out so I was quite excited to try them on myself!

I finally found time to try them and also took some close up photos for your reference!

There are currently 5 types of lash, all very different types to cater to different eyes and preferences! Here are my thoughts on them.

1. Black X Brown
I felt that it was a great idea to mix black & brown strands to strike a balance between defining the eyes yet not being too harsh. I tried the lashes in chronological order, so when I put on the first lash, I immediately felt that number 1 was going to be my favourite even though I haven't tried the rest! Haha. The lashes are very soft and light. Comfortable and easy to put on!

2. Flirty Flare
Like the name suggests, the curl of this design is especially significant and I think this look is most suitable for glam-up nights with darker eye makeup. Good for people who have "sleepy" eyes, because it really does "open" and perk up the eye!

3. Princess
I heard that this lash will be discontinued after the current batch. It's a pity because I felt that this design is very nice too! I actually liked how these lashes from Girlymake are easy to stick on. For my current lashes, I had to cut it shorter as the hard bone would poke my inner eye but because the bones are thin and soft for these, I could paste the entire lash on my eye without feeling uncomfortable. For picture 3, I did cut though, because I tried it some time back before the rest and I thought I have to cut as usual. The reason why my current lashes are the hard-bones type was because I used to have difficulties with soft-bones but the ones from Girlymake are fine!

4. Puppy Eyes
My favouriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Although they didn't look too puppy-eyes on me as they did on Qiuqiu, but I felt it's the prettiest on me out of these 5~! The ends are dense, which helps to make my eyes bigger. Love the soft and tiny strands!

5. Demi Brown
I heard these are the hot-sellers, because they look oh-so-natural! They are too short for my eyes but I was amazed at how natural they look. Definitely the choice for most people! Suitable on days when I go for some serious interview or places where I should look natural!

Which one do you think looks the nicest on me?

Also tried the eyelid stickers which comes in three different designs Vainpot, Sweetie Pie, Plain Jane. I think Vainpot works the nicest on me. The color of the stickers hides well on my lids, so I felt that this point alone is awesome enough!

If you are keen on trying Girlymake lashes, you can visit the website:

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