Sunday, August 17, 2014

Milly's Birthday on a Yacht

It was Milly's birthday awhile back and she invited us on a yacht with her friends! It was great to meet up with the girls again! Here are some photos from the day.

Milly brought along her dog 'Toto'!

Photo with the birthday girl x4. Haha.

I just went to the dentist that day to tighten my braces. Don't know why so coincidental. On my first braces fixture date, it was Milly's 3rd outlet opening and 6th anniversary celebration. Of course I have to attend! Then on my first tightening session, it was Milly's yacht party. Then I remember, on my second tightening session, just nice I scheduled my manicure session at Millys right after my dental appointment!

I still feel very happy that the ceramic braces are hardly visible in photos! Just hoping that the side gaps will close faster. Call TLC Dental Centre if you are keen to explore ceramic braces! FREE consultation if you quote my name!

Photo with Nadia!


It was quite relaxing and nice to just sit there and look at the waters, enjoying the breeze and do nothing at all.

Elaine and Fidelis!

With Fidelis :)

Yummy food onboard!

Then, we went upstairs to the upper deck to chit chat!

Toto came up too! Hehe.

Group photo just before the sun sets!

Cake session!

Happy Birthday Milly!

We even caught some fireworks before heading back!


Ending off with a short video I took that day! Thanks Milly, for inviting us to celebrate your birthday! :D Looking forward to our next steamboat session!!

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