Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wheeler's Yard

Friends have started to call me the café blogger.

Actually, I also never always blog about cafes lah..... Got meh...? Haha. I also got blog about other stuff mah...

So anyway, living up to the name, how can I not visit Wheeler's Yard, the "hipster-must-go" café right? I have been wanting to visit ever since I knew about this place, but heard negative reviews online about the waiting time and unimpressive food. However, on my visit, I experienced none of that. Perhaps the café has improved... or I went on a good day?

Just from the name, you know that this place is "bicycle themed". It was indeed so! There was an indoor area, furnished with bicycles and big tables for sharing.

I went straight to the outdoor area though. The outside area was made up of smaller tables of all shapes and sizes. It was crowded the way we went but luckily we managed to get a seat immediately.

It was surprisingly very breezy!

The ordering procedure = queue up at the counter (quite a long queue the day we went), order, and go back to seat with buzzer. When the buzzer buzzes, go to the counter to collect the food. Self-service, but that also means there is no service charge.

I had the Ham and Cheese Panini. I didn't have any expectations initially because of the bad reviews online but it was not bad! Trust me, I have eaten worse. I liked that the cheese was very cheesy (what kind of description is this. lol).

Bf had the Otah Burger! I initially was secretly thinking "eww" to his choice because I prefer otah on it's own. Well, it turned out quite nice leh! The otah is not the lousy type sold for 40 cents per piece. It's the $1.50 type filled with fish meat. Not sure if you understand my description!

Actually, one review even said many hot men were spotted at Wheeler's Yard but the day we went, we saw many old people! Like really grandma-grandpa type of old.

Of course, how can I forget the mandatory outfit photo outside Wheeler's Yard famous backdrop?? Here's mine. Haha.

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The top is from Earthdoll! Just trying a more mature look since I always wear floral dresses. Haha. Besides the awesome quality, I also like the flattering cut of this top - no flabby arms!

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