Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rainbow Nutella Hearts Cake

So awhile back, I decided to make a rainbow cake for my family and boyfriend. I looked around my kitchen for ingredients and settled on making Rainbow Nutella Hearts Cake. This is probably one of the rare times I try to bake without a recipe, but it's actually very simple!

Today, I am going to share this easy-peasy recipe on how to make a Rainbow Nutella Hearts Cake!

Here's what you need besides oven and mixing bowls.
- White Cake Mix (yep, this is why it is so easy... I didn't have to figure out the batter myself :x)
- Milk, butter and eggs for the cake mix as instructed on the box
- Nutella (I wanted cream cheese initially but didn't have any in my fridge so I used nutella. Icing would be great but I didn't know how to make them)
- Coloring (I used red, green, blue, yellow. Only 4 colours because I was lazy to make 7 colors... else, you can actually mix the primary colors to make orange and purple too)
- Heart shape cookie cutter

Just make the cake batter according to the instructions on the cake mix box. Afterwards, divide into 4 bowls and add colouring. Then, bake one by one separately.

It looks good when round too, but I wanted it to be more special so I made it heart shape. After making many pieces of hearts, I stacked the colours together using the Nutella spread. There, a yummy and pretty treat! Easy right? Just a little time consuming because I only had one round pan so I could only wait for one colour to be done before I could put in the next. But still very worth it because everything turned out so pretty!

I want to bake more! The only thing I dread is that I have to clean up after messing the kitchen. If only I didn't have to take care of the aftermath!

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