Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Pack Light For A Beach Holiday

I am usually a hoarder and I always store extra "just in case". That's why I found it quite surprising when I realize that I am usually the one with the smallest bag or luggage on staycations and vacations! In this time and age, people often take budget airlines for nearer destinations and travelling light is quite important especially for the 7kg carry-on limit.

During the weekends, I headed to Bintan for a little getaway and managed to pack everything into a small A4 size bag, looking like I am just heading out for shopping like any other day!

Here's my packing list for a weekend beach vacation.

1. Apparel & Accessories
- One set of clothes & undies for the next day
- One set of nightwear
- One set of swimwear
- Accessories
- Flip flops (No need to pack inside the luggage because you would probably wear it on your feet.)
- Small bag for important stuff (You don't want to bring a huge bag along everywhere but what if you have no pockets to store important belongings like cash? Bring your essentials around with you in this small bag and leave the bigger bag inside the hotel room)

Optional: Cover-up for swimwear. I didn't bring because I figured it would waste space and I could always use the beach towel provided at the pool or wear it under my tee!

***In my case, I brought only 1 pair of demin shorts and 2 tees (one for sleeping and one for the next day). My shorts got drenched in seawater on the first day and I had to dry it with a hair dryer. So, maybe bringing another pair would be a good idea for instances like this or if you plan to sit on sand! Haha. 

2. Gadgets
- Camera
- Camera charger
- Phone
- Phone charger

Optional: Earphones

3. Beauty
- Sunscreen
- Facemask/Night cream in flat satchets
- Contact Lens
- Basic Cosmetics
- Makeup Remover/Wipes (use travel pack size)
- Wet wipes/ Tissue
- Flat comb
- Tooth brush
- Plastic bag (in case)

Optional: Shades, Beach Hat, Mosquito Repellent, Waterproof cover for gadgets, Shaver.
Usually resorts provide shampoo/soap/toothpaste, but if you want to bring along your own, use sample sizes. You don't require the entire bottle for a 2 day trip. Use mini ziplock bags to store an appropriate amount if you do not wish to purchase travel sized products which may cost more because of packaging material. I tend to keep those "sample sachets" found in beauty magazines for travel use!

4. Essentials
- Coin Purse (IC, Cash, Credit Card)
- Travel and Hotel confirmation
- Passport
- Keys

As you can see, I hardly packed in anything unnecessary!
Hope this packing list for a weekend beach holiday helps! I only packed my bag the night before and I know there are many last minute packers out there. Just follow this list and you'd never go wrong!

If you are travelling on a long-haul flight to a far away destination, do check out fellow Singapore lifestyle blogger nadnut's post on how to avoid jet lag!

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