Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alkaff Terrace

Hello! Just thought I should clear some of my backlog today.

I have wanted to go to Alkaff Terrace since quite awhile back but never actually made plans to go. One fine day, we decided to head there for brunch.

Pretty pretty setting. Too bad it was too hot to actually sit on un-sheltered seats. You can see from this photo below how scorching hot it was that day. Kena many mosquito bites that day... Sigh the price to pay for outdoor dining in Singapore!

Nothing beats a cup of ice cold freshly squeezed orange juice on a hot Sunday. Pretty place to dine but very hot even though we were seated near a big fan. Midway through lunch I went indoors on the pretense of using the washroom. Actually just want to enjoy the aircon. Hahaha. The ideal brunch place would be air conditioned with glass walls so that the sunlight can enter and still feel "outdoor".

Snapped a photo before the food arrive!

Ordered these... I remember the food to be average. Nothing memorable. Bf had the sausage dish while I had the smoked salmon. He didn't really like the scrambled eggs but the sausage and smoked salmon were quite yummy.

The waffles looked good but was actually quite soggy and soft. Quite a disappointing end to the meal!

OOTD: Maxi dress from! Got it from the retail shop at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21 because bf says I seldom wear long dress.

Actually.... this was around 3.5 months back... I checked my dayre and realised that I went to Alkaff Terrace on 4th May. *gasp* Time really flies!

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