Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy 49th Birthday Singapore!

Thanks to Nadia, we got tickets to attend NDP2014 preview! Went with Bf and his friends :)

The last time I went was 2 years ago with Isaac, Ben, and Randy and I had loads of fun so I was really excited this time too!

Super love the marina bay skyline! So pretty!

Walked and climbed more stairs that day than I usually do in a month. My legs were jelly by the time I reached my seat haha. Last row by the way, cos we were quite late. Haha. But it's awesome cos I can stand up halfway through the parade and nobody will shoo me from behind!

Photo before we start!

Bf was interested in the parade, while I was more keen in the songs and fireworks segment!

Photo with Nadia!

The usher beside us was kind enough to help us take a photo!

Really proud to be a Singaporean, and being able to live in the sunny island of Singapore. I want to explore the world but my heart will always lie in Singapore. Eventually, I would still want to stay in Singapore because this is where my home is, this is where I feel safe and protected.

Throngs of red and white~ Everyone waving the Singapore flag!

Including me! Haha.

Was pleasantly surprised when this burst out! Rainbow colored prettiness!

Then, there were a series of "Defence" demos which were quite interesting to watch! The navy is super cool!

Afterwards there were songs and performances, and then fireworks! This year the parade had loads of "surprise" fireworks! I thought only at the end then have.... Didn't have enough time to take out my camera in time to capture some of the very beautiful fireworks!

Me and bf put on the glow-in-the-dark bangles found inside the funpack! :D

Then it was fireworks time! It was so pretty to watch as they appear and then fade off.

Trying to take a photo with the fireworks but failed. Timing always wrong!

Anyway, this photo looks like bf is distracted by the fireworks on the other side while trying to film the fireworks on his side! Hahaha. There were two areas with fireworks and it was difficult deciding which side to look at!

Finally took a nicer photo that captured the fireworks!

Outfit for National Day! White blouse is from! Really like the mesh part, makes the top looks so sweet! Comes in many other colours too but decided to get it in white~ Just nice for National Day!

Plus a red bag also from Earthdoll at their retail store in Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21 :) Love the gold chain and quilted cover!

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