Thursday, August 7, 2014

What I Have Been Up To

Yes, I have been eating a lot in recent months.

Today, I'd be blogging about snippets of my life for the past few months! (Note: Many food photos. Don't read if you haven't had your meals. Haha.)

This is going to be a photo intensive entry because I realize I have more and more backlog entries piling up, I decided to just dump all the photos in a single post.

Let me start off with a nice photo of my lunch with Clare! Has been quite long since I last had yummy Japanese food for lunch at work. Recently keep eating caifan to save money and I am getting very sick of caifan! Just the thought of it makes me lose appetite already.

Had crabs at Full Of Crabs with bf and his friend on a Monday. Best way to conquer Monday blues, is to plan a yummy dinner to look forward to. I can never resist crabs. I LOVE CRABS. It has the same concept as the other crab-in-bags restaurants popping up around Singapore in the past one year. I personally felt that the crabs here are quite expensive.... but interesting nonetheless. The fries are a must-order. Love the crispiness and seasoning! We also had calamari but it was kinda disappointing.

This bowl of ramen has no meaning but I think the photo looks good so I'm including it in this post. Yes very random. Haha. There will be many more random photos down this post. I know many people don't like Ajisen Ramen but I quite like their chashu ramen and spicy ramen!

I have no idea how many times I said this, probably many times: MY FAVOURITE RAMEN is at Keisuke Tori King at 100AM mall. IT IS SO SO SO GOOD, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I HAVE TO WRITE THIS IN CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE IT'S JUST SO AWESOME. The juicy and tender chicken drumstick in flavourful soup..... Heavenly is the only word to describe it. I haven't found any ramen in Singapore as good as this. Too bad it's just so far away from where I usually wander.

Some clothes that I got from around a month back! I really like the variety of clothes available at Earthdoll. From sweet to casual to trendy to feminine, they have it all. I usually shop from the retail store at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21!

Wearing the Gem top!

Wore it to meet Fiona! We actually wanted brunch at Lola Cafe but it was packed and waiting time was 1.5 hours. There weren't much around the premises, and it was a sweltering hot day so we decided to forgo brunch and had western at another empty restaurant nearby. I love chicken chops.

It has been so many years~ We were friends since we were 13. You do the math.

My purchases from Zalora! Love the necklaces so much! One of the reason why I love shopping at Zalora is the efficient and fast delivery. Wanna get more stuff! Online shopping is so fun because the feeling of receiving parcels and opening them up is awesome.

Curry Fish Head with the family, with our favourite Har Chiong Gai! Zhi Char is the best! I don't know why but everything tastes better when it comes from a Zhi Char wok.

Brunch at Kith Cafe before my dental appointment one fine day. Was in a rush so we had to settle on somewhere near Park Mall. Nad says I can open a "Brunch Blog" already... since I eat way too much brunch. Haha.

CRAB!!!!!! This was just before I had my ceramic braces. I was on a mission to eat all my favourite food before the braces go on! Had this with Salted Egg Yolk Prawn... another one of my favourite. What's missing from the table? Steamed Garoupa. Put that in and it would be a perfect meal.

Another crab photo! My aunt made salted egg yolk crabs and invited the entire family over. We had 6 plates of this goodness! SO YUMMY. Why can't crab be a more common dish like chicken, so that I can order it everyday? Some rich kid out there probably have crab everyday like chicken.... Haha.

Dim sum at 126! Dim sum there is so good but it is a little out of the way. Have to specially take a bus there for it if not driving! Plus, there aren't much entertainment around the area.

Claypot Frog for dinner with Bf a long time back. Just a random restaurant along a stretch of road. The gravy was too thick. Hardly memorable. Yep, I like eating frog legs too. But I think the sight of live frogs is quite scary.

I also love Steam Fish. Not even halfway down this post and you should probably be able to conclude that I love food very much. Haha. Dian Xiao Er is introducing healthier options on their menu and this is one of the dishes in the healthier menu. I don't mind eating healthy if it means I get to eat this fish every day! On a side note, I also love their Roasted Duck.

Finally tried Nam Nam Noodle Bar after hearing all the raves about this place! I had really high expectations though, and in the end I felt it was only so-so...

Baked Ham and Cheese Croissant for supper one night! I want to make this again! This time, put double portion ham and double portion cheese! Hehe.

Mum's birthday cake the past weekend. The cake is so pretty with huge chunks of mango slices!

Simple bowl of ba chor mee from Bedok 85 can be so awesome. However, I think next time I will just order the meat ball soup because the noodle was quite hard the last time I went.

Ramen at Ramen Play with my colleagues on the occasional "lets not have food court food" days.

A little pause on the mouthwatering food pics.... Haha. Photo of me, Jaye and Jessica (Amber behind the camera) while waiting for our table at Kko Kko Nara... We waited very long! The food quality dropped a little though... Oh well, at least it settled my craving which had went on for quite a few years since the first time I had their stew.

Photo of me and my team on another lunch outing :-D This was quite some time ago already before afew left, and we have new colleagues now. Missed all the fun times we had in the past! Not easy to find a bunch that click so well.

Delicious food. Too bad I don't remember where this restaurant is anymore!

Clare left our office around a week back for greener pastures. Glad to have known a friend like her. Thanks for all your encouragements, being a good listener, sharing the same humor wavelength, and always so open hearted, easy going and accepting!

Dined at Hatched with Fiona and Maisarah! Always love hanging out with these two crazy ladies... Haha.

Haven't been doing skincare for very long already. Just feel so lazy every night and keep telling myself, "tomorrow night".... then when tomorrow comes, "tomorrow night" again... Haha. Finally put on a face mask that night but it didn't continue the nights after.... Haha. No wonder my skin has been feeling so dry recently.

I guess it might be easier to just drink Brands Innershine Collagen daily for my skin health maintenance! Unlike most collagen powder which tastes slightly fishy, these have a subtle cherry taste!

Bf surprised me with a Line Brown cuddly bear! Hehehe. Me and him love sending each other Line Stickers and I think it represents our relationship a lot! The expressions are just so dramatic and cute. The drawers of line stickers must have really imaginative minds....

The rest of my Line Characters chollection.... Cony, Sally, and Moon! Who is your fave? I really like Cony and Sally. haha.

Sometime back, I suddenly realized that this plushy I have at home is Charlie Brown. Haha. I didn't know when I was a kid so I named it Eric for more than a decade.... Doesn't it look like an "Eric" very much?

Bf said the ramen at Tsukada Nojo is very nice so he brought me here for my before-braces-last-meal. Not nice lor, I didn't like the tint of egg noodle taste in the soup.

It came served like this.

Then you pour everything into the soup yourself. Apparently the soup is melted from collagen fats which is supposed to be good for the skin. But I didn't enjoy the soup at all. Bf ranked this as his 2nd favourite ramen place though....

But the chicken was good! Spicy fried chicken chunks.

Another meetup with Fiona and Maisarah at Koh Grill and Sushi Bar. Their salmon sashimi was so good that I ordered another plate! Also love their grilled stuff.

And of course the Shiok Maki is a must order whenever we go Koh's Grill!

Me and my colleagues enjoying the $1 per plate sushi at Nihon Mura one fine afternoon.... Had so much! I think it's super worth it! Wide variety of japanese food at only $1 per plate. Usually $1.60 also quite worth it I feel!

Woke up super early one morning to have breakfast with bf! He told me we were going to have chee cheong fun..... end up it was this spread for two. Curry Chee Cheong Fun (super nice! the curry tasted a little lontong curry), Sesame Chee Cheong Fun, Yam Cake, Yong Tau Foo, and Fried Meat Balls (that aren't ball-shaped at all haha).

Random photo of my bag.

Wore it on Father's Day, when we brought dad out for Japanese lunch at Miramar Hotel :)

Audrey highly recommended this Laksa La Mian and said it's super nice so I bought a pack of 4 at around $10 to cook for my family! Expensive hor? $2.50 per pax for instant noodles. Haha. Add 50 cents and we get the real thing, together with prawns and fish cake! So anyway, verdict is that it was not too bad for instant noodles.... maybe my expectations were high, but I still prefer the laksa from real laksa stall... Haha.

Afternoon alone at home reading magazines and eating pizza. This pizza is ugly but not as ugly as the 2nd one I made, which I left in the oven for too long and came out burnt black.

Bf has been wanting to bring me to Kushinbo since two years ago but we never did. Finally had an impromptu dinner there one night when we walked pass the restaurant.... Hmm, not as good as I thought it would be!

Another random food pic.

Amber treated us to Chomp Chomp for her latest promotion ^_^ So Jaye and I ordered our favourites - Satay (Jaye's fave) Sambal Stingray (my fave), Sambal Sotong(my fave), BBQ Chicken Wing (my fave), and Oyster Omelette (my fave)! Hahaha.. Mostly my faves.....haha.

Latest nail design done at Millys! Call 83835395 to make appointment at Far East Plaza or Bugis Street.

Khun Mee Thai's signature noodles, which had these kind of eggs which are more commonly found in Japanese ramen instead of Thai! We also enjoyed a range of other authentic Thai food plus my favourite Mango Sticky Rice!

How do you keep your accessories? I don't remember where I got this idea from, but I keep them in little zip lock bags to prevent necklaces from tangling with each other. It's easier and faster rummaging through my necklace box to find a suitable design now. On busy days, I just grab a packet and go.

Went to check my instagram to see how long ago this was and realize it was THREE months ago!!!! I really backlog until very long. Haha. So this was what I wrote on instagram accompanying this photo: This morning, bf called me on the phone and I thought it was just the usual daily wakeup call. I was prepared to say "ok" and head back to sleep but he said "faster come to the door". Hehehe. He was at my doorstep with surprise breakfast of cheecheongfun, soya milk and said the kueh lapis was to "colour-up" my day. (But this kueh lapis only got green and red leh hahaha). Brightened up my otherwise sick and gloomy day!

After work that day, he came to drive me home and gave me a pack of Strepsils and milk.

While I was resting on my sofa, I heard the doorbell rang and went over to the door but nobody was there! Thought it was quite eerie. Afterwards when I wanted to head out for dinner, then realize on the gate got a ai-xin package for my sis who is sick too. Haha.

That guy gave her a box of strepsils also so I asked bf how come other people give one box (24pcs) but he only give me one pack (6pcs). Lol.

He say because nobody needs 24 lozenges to get well. Hahahahah.

Anyway, I also baked a chocolate chip muffin cake for bf!

Fullerton Bay Hotel has such a fantastic view!

Me and my colleagues were supposed to have mookata last Wednesday but it was cancelled last minute and I kinda forced bf to go with me cos the craving is already there! Haha. My favourite mookata place in Singapore is New Udon at Golden Mile Complex! I love the marinate here. It was my first time going in the afternoon because I used to always go during dinner time and the queue is always long. But it was quite empty in the day! No need to wait at all~

Took this photo of my neighbourhood, which is a few minutes walk from home. I really think I live in a pretty town! :-)

My colleague left this on my table awhile back. So sweet! In my favourite color and in florals too!

Wow this entry took me super long to finish writing.
That's all! You can probably sum up my life with this entry alone: Lots Of Food.

Haha. Till next entry, Bye!

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