Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buyer Scam

I always thought it was easy to spot a scam... for example, those sending an email promising million of dollars, but I think they are getting cleverer.

Yesterday, I received a whatsapp text requesting for my bank account details so that he can transfer the payment for a bag that I listed for sale. Luckily, I went to ask bf for advice first because the buyer claimed to be from Canada and wishes for me to ship the item to Africa. I was more comfortable with selling it to someone in Singapore, since it wasn't just a few dollars at stake. Bf told me it could be fake, so I went to search the buyer's country code online and true enough, it wasn't a Canada number. It was from Nigeria, and apparently it was a scam.

I quickly blocked the buyer on whatsapp. Then, I started to wonder if they can access my phone even though I didn't give my bank details. Meanwhile on Linechat:

Me: U think they can access my phone? Since I replied.

Bf: Don't think so bah... Bank details never give can le :)

Me: Like maybe they plant a bug in my phone.

Bf: Haha. Won't ba. Don't need worry.

Me: He seeing this now!!!

Bf: Ya ya right.

Don't take my bank details please!
Me very very poor.
Want take also take my bf's. He richer.

Bf: Lol. Crazy.

Me: He reading! I write here he can see.

Bf: Lol. Then why you ask him to rob me!
Hello don't rob me. Rob my friend.
He is richer. He taking pilot license now.


At this time I burst into laughter because I know which friend he was referring to and it was funny to see him also say "hello" to the Nigerian. Haha.

After that, bf called me on the phone and the first thing he said was, "Talk softly. he can hear us."
Me: Ya. So Scary!




Nadia just texted me this:

Nad: I wanna transfer u money earlier. but I scared Nigerian scam me after that.
Nigerian man, if you see this, I got no money actually. don't scam me.


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