Friday, August 15, 2014

Just another weekend date

Something different from the usual brunch! Bf brought me to Taiwan Railway Bento for lunch on one of our weekend dates!

This was what we had! It was not bad! I had stewed pork (quite fatty) rice bento while bf had the soya chicken rice bento. Sides of fried chicken cutlet (crispy and yum!) and fried intestines.

The bad thing is, it is located in this mall called CT Hub, which has nothing except tuition centres and some random shops...

The obligatory ootd photo. I make it a point to wear new clothes for weekend dates because it's the only time I get to have the afternoon sunshine and bf's awesome camera to take photos for me. Haha.

Really envy those people who can take photos of their ootd every day! If only bf is free to come and take photo for me in the afternoon every single day. Hahaha. Then I can do a book called 365 days of OOTD. Speaking of book, I was telling bf that he can publish one called "Esther's Caifan Diary" already because I have been eating caifan everyday recently (to save money), and everytime before my meal, I send him a photo of what I'm eating. It requires skill to act like I'm not taking photo when I'm actually taking photo of the food, because it's really quite paisei to be taking photos of food in a coffee shop. Haha.

After that we went to watch movie. Then, it was dinner time liao. Yea, our date is so "exciting". Haha. We are totally a movie-and-dinner type of couple.

We finally tried the highly-raved Kin Kin Pan Mee! I feel that it's not bad, but over rated. Doesn't really live up to its hype and didn't really impressed me! Not really worth the wait that was reported in the media when they just opened! Luckily we didn't have to wait at all the day we went, so it was alright. However, we had to share tables even though it was near closing time and there were empty tables around.

And that concludes just another weekend date.

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