Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Hokkaido, Japan

Shortly after blogging about my trip to Taiwan in 2018, I realize that I have yet to blog about my trip to Hokkaido in December 2017! I really should blog about my trips immediately after instead of procrastinating. 

We arrived in Hokkaido at 3pm and the sky was already dim. At 5pm, it became totally dark. So for this trip, we were out and about by 630am on most days and back in hotel by evening. 

Dinner first at a Japanese restaurant.

Checked in to our hotel~ 

Went out to check out this lights exhibit few mins walk from our hotel. 

Our favourite night activity when overseas --- exploring the convenience store. Especially love how they have such a wide variety of ready-to-eat meals. 

Supper in room~

Also bought this transparent water which tasted like milk tea. Such a weird feeling! 

Next morning's view.

We stayed in Toya Kanko Hotel. Lazy to edit the colours for this trip so pardon the dull lighting. 


First stop for the day, Jigokudani or "Hell Valley". It is a valley which displays hot steam vents, sulfurous streams and other volcanic activity.


After that, we went to Noboribetsu Marine Park Nixe, which features penguins, dolphins and sea lions. It was quite fun here! A little different from the usual type of zoos. 

Super cute wobbly penguins!

Lunch was steamboat. Even though ingredients were simple, the soup and veggies were super delicious. Really enjoyed this meal!!

Ice cream in winter~

This picture below was in the middle of nowhere during a toilet break i think. haha. 

Mt Hakodate Night View~! But it's only 4pm!

Yep 4pm. 

Back to hotel for simple dinner. 

I didn't dare to try the natto, which is supposedly one of their delicacies. 

Next morning simple breakfast before we head out. I miss western breakfast so much. 

It was here that S decided to perform falling face flat into the snow on purpose and for fun. AFTER he did it, dad said actually it's a very dangerous act because we can't see what's underneath the snow and there is always possibility that there is a standing sharp twig under the snow. And it could injure considering the impact when you free fall to the ground. So yep, be careful everyone!  

Hakodate Morning Market Square! It has lots of seafood and fresh produce. We love visiting markets for all our trips overseaes and this one was unique because it features all the goodies from Hokkaido.


Grilled scallops 

Also purchased the uni to try for the first time in my life. I didn't really like the strong taste but good to try at least once!

Lunch break! It's some rice bowl and soup!

Kaiseki dinner!

Super yummy saba fish for lunch. 

Next up, Otaru Music Box Museum. So many different type of musical boxes here including some fun ones!

Went opposite for some coffee

Next stop, Shiroi Koibito Park! It is an entertainment park operated by Japanese confectionery Bai Se Lian Ren! It's a very popular souvenir gift for many tourist to Japan. 

The outside are some lights feature for taking photos. 

The inside shows factory demonstrations. 

After lots of photo taking, we went to Tanukikoji! It's called "Li Xiao Lu". There are many numbered alleys with around 200 shops.

For dinner, we chose one of the ramen stalls nearby!

Checked into Premier Hotel Tsubaki Sapporo. 

Finally a classic hotel after so many nights sleeping in traditional beds on the floor. 

Otaru Canal. 

Supper haul from our convenience store shopping!

Finally a breakfast that is not porridge. haha. 

Visited another zoo! It was quite a new experience because the zoo was so empty, it was mostly only us. 

Made snow balls!

Mini snowman

BBQ for lunch!

Tried snow mobile! It was super fun!

+ outlet shopping!!

Sushi for dinner

Sushi round two at a bigger store down the road. 

Convenience store supper again!

Snowy jacket for the snowy sidewalk

Bye Hokkaido!

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