Tuesday, June 9, 2009

why? read on.

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Have you made plans for the weekend yet?

There'll be a very exciting event coming up this saturday from 5pm-7pm and YOU ARE INVITED!!

Omg, im so excited about it i dont know where to start.

First, do you know what's a flash mob? Flashmob is a very big bunch of people gathering at a particular location, walk around like usual, and suddenly at a planned timing, do some crazy things together.

One kind of flashmob is the Mass Freeze:
(On Wednesday 14th March around 50 people attempted a mass freeze frame in a Manchester supermarket lasting four minutes. Five cameras captured the event.)
Damn funny luh! Imagine you being one of the customers and being astonished at the unmoving people.

Another funny one is this. LOL.

But the one you'll be experiencing is... something like this:

Some other examples available at http://improveverywhere.com/.

Interesting isn't it?
And you do want to participate in Singapore's first blogger flash mob right?!


Did you join nuffnang's recent contest with the topic "do singaporeans dress badly?"The cash prize so high leh. Haha.

Anyway, would you be one of the people who would don pyjamas to Orchard Road? Or are you too shy? Well, here's a chance to do that with many other people :D

I need you readers to come down to Orchard Road dressed in pyjamas, join me and other bloggers in the flash mob, by silent dancing in front of The Heeren. How cool is that. LOL. Show that bloggers are fun people and we dare to have fun even when we are in our PJs! ! Remember how people always say Singaporeans dress badly? Let’s prove it to them that even in just pyjamas, we can look very GLAMOUROUS! It’s time to crush that stigma people have on us!

Professional photographers and videographer will be there to record the whole event too, so you can tell all your friends and future children that you were once that wild. haha.

Gather your friends and for once, go out do something fun. Aren't you sick of shopping, dining & movies already?? If you are the kind that says there's nothing interesting to do in Singapore, here's one for you!

As it's a nuffnang event, you'll definitely be seeing alot of bloggers there! You can totally see how we look like behind our photoshopped pictures, then go home and flame us. Haha.

Other top bloggers going there includes:

1) PEGGY- thydowager.

She's alot prettier in real life compared to her pictures, so you should really go and see her.

2) Sheylara

Meet the Xbox ambassador

3) Xiaxue

Get to see S'pore's top blogger :D
And maybe kaykay will be with her (bring your boyfriends at your own risk. lol.)

4) Jessica- underagegirl

Maybe she'll wear a sexy pyjamas. Or maybe she sleeps in her lingerie. Feast your eyes.

5) And me!! Do come forward to talk to me! Im friendly :D
**alot of people have mentioned that i look abit "dao" when they see me on the streets but it's only cos i couldn't be possibly smiling to myself while walking around town right! haha. Im actually quite a crazy friend when you know me :D


All you have to do is to "FOLLOW ME" via this microsite (http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/up4pjs) . Register yourself and your friends if you all decided to come down and support me :)

I love roxanne, because she was so up and for it when i mentioned about this event to her! She became the first to "follow me". Love her! How often you get friends who are so steady when you need their support?!!


As with all voting-like contests, i know that i'll be getting the least "follows", but still, i'll be touched even if i get only 10 =D
(hello, xx is in this thing too, if i can get 10, it's almost a miracle already. haha. )

I'm having tough competitors this time round so please, support me even if it's just out of sympathy. It's pathetic being last T_T


ALL followers would receive
I. Nuffnang Goodie Bag
II. A surprise tour with celebrity bloggers
III. An ever bigger SURPRISE that will only be revealed at the Flash Mob itself

And out of all attendees, 3 will stand a chance towin a pairs of GV Gold Class Ticket each!

What are you waiting for??


P.S. okay, i love felicia too. LOL.

Oh ya. If you are any of the above bloggers and you dont like that picture i posted up and you want me to replace it with another one instead, do let me know. thanks!!

If you are coming down, let me know too alright? :D

I wish i can bribe you babes with one chanel bag each. Being rich is good. LOL.

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