Thursday, June 25, 2009

Afew classes in my school have got home quarantined because of the H1N1 thingy. Not sure what is happening but what im curious about is, if we kena home quarantined by the school, are we allowed to go out of the house? Will my parents and sister have to be quarantined too?

Imagine if cannot go out, then parents also canot work, then the whole family stay at home nothing to do look at each other. Hahaha. Luckily there's something called the internet and luckily my house got 5 computers. Enough for each of us, no need to snatch. Heh. (but then my laptop has been abit cranky recently... about to crash already sia. )

Well, on to happier things! Went to visit grandparents afew days ago and i can't help but love my little baby cousin. She's so cute. She doesn't need photoshop. hahaha.

SX accompanied me to collect some things at FarrerPark/Little India. We got lost there and in the end we had to ask directions quite afew times. Haha. Felt like tourists!

Was super hungry by the time we got out of that place. Headed over to bugis for steamboat!

Tian Tian Huo Guo.
We paid only $2 extra each to get the grilling option too.

The food is okay okay lo. The bbq food are mostly marinated with black pepper sauce, so it gets quite repetive after eating awhile. However i do like the service. No rude staffs, mostly very eager to service :D

Look at the amount of oil on the grilling platter. Omg.

A half cooked prawn. haha.

When we started eating it was still bright but when we ended it was dark already! Haha. He kept saying that he can handle the food and last longer than me but in the end he was the one who started complaining about being full, and i was the one who had the last bite. No one can beat me in buffet/steamboat =P

After the dinner SX spotted a dessert shop so we went in for some cold desserts!

Lazy to edit. You all can see my bad eye wrinkles.

I had the grass jelly with longan while he had the watermelon honeydew sago.

He then said it was too early to go home still, so we went to try our luck at those toy grabbing machines! Much to my surprise, at the first try he already got me one STITCH! He then proceed to try grabbing a bigger pig but after many tries he still can't get it. Actually his aiming is quite good, every single time also can pull up the soft toy but then the hook seems to be unable to hold the toys stably, so everytime when it is starting to move towards the hole, it drops back :(

Luckily he accompanied me home. If not i'll have to hold that little soft toy on my hands throughout the journey. Abit paisei. Hahaha. Like trying to act cute lydat.

Toy-grabbing machines remind me of arthur!
Arthur's bday is this saturday and he is throwing a party but i might not be able to go =( I wanna go!

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