Friday, June 12, 2009

Was working at the PCshow yesterday. (today and sunday too but please dont spot me. even if you do, pretend it's not me. im having a serious case of chubbiness recently. lack of sleep i suppose.)

M1 again. And yeap much to the girls' disappointment, the outfit is the same as the previous ITshow. The orange dress is ugly. The orange cap is even uglier. I wonder what was going through the designer's mind when he thought of that design. It doesn't make us look as sunshiney as m1 is supposed to be. It only makes us look like FAT ROUND ORANGES WITH SHOWER CAPS ON -.-

But oh well, better than Singtel's skintight costume which was worn by several guys with faces painted red. (anyone took pics of the guys?). It's super tight that i feel sad for their modesty (lots of people were looking at/talking about their d**k area =x) . Haha. Towards the middle of the day their costume had splitting holes at the butt crack area. Many people were laughing at them actually. Although it IS really funny, but then i think it's rather rude to laugh AT them right in their face luh.

Secretly i prefer Starhub. I have unlimited SMS to any number! =D

If i wasn't for roxanne, celine and edwin, i dont think i would be working. Fiona is working with me this time! Damn happy. Haha.

Was super touched by my friends lor!
Fiona treated me to dinner cos she knows im broke. Roxanne sacrificed her beloved chilli because she knew that i wanted to eat some and i dont like chilli in carrot cake. What's great was that both of them were so willing to listen to me ramble and ramble on about _________, without complaining. Hehe. Feel so blessed :D It feels really nice when people remember little details about what i like and dont like..

Denver might be dropping by today! Arthur might be visiting me on Sunday~! Yoohoo~ I seriously need some entertainment while at work. The time passed like a snail yesterday.

Random pictures at HortPark last sunday with Janice and Roxanne.

Hort park is indeed a HOT park.

Anyway, i MIGHT be trying out another eye makeup style today. If im not late by the time i finish bathing. Will take pictures and show you babes if it's successful!

I wish i could photoshop my eye wrinkles in real life. Celine says it's getting worse :(

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