Saturday, June 20, 2009

Worked with Roxanne for M1 again today! :D
Today was quite relaxing. Not sure about tomorrow!

Saw some people giving out balloons on the street so SX took one and gave it to me when i kept saying that i want i want i want. Hahaha. So paisei for him lor, one big guy go take balloon. I was laughing while he took it from the balloon-giver. In the end i gave the balloon to a crying little kid. SX angry i gave away the balloon.. Hahaha.

Isaac came to meet me after work for dinner.

The wanton noodle was superb. Totally wanted another bowl lor. Lol.

Isaac says i look very short today because he has never seen me without heels before.

Short until in pics if can see my face can't see his face. Haha. His fishy fishy shirt!

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Anyway, has updated with the long awaited collection 3! I loveeeeeeeeeeee like almost every single piece in that collection, and i've got some pieces! My favourites are Remae, which is cute and comfy, Jodie which makes your waist look slim, and Mariella, which alot people commented was goodlooking when i wore it! I like Demi too, and has seen it elsewhere at the price of $49 or something lor. Siao. You can get it here like less than half the price.

And oh ya, Jill was what i wore to the SRF! Deal of the week should be that Emerald dress, going at only $18.50 mailed, and the Denim Vest, going for only $12!!

Support support :)

Some stocks are still available at collection 1 & 2 as well, do have a look if you havent!

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