Monday, June 15, 2009

Uncle photographer just sent me some nice photos :D

With my lovely Roxanne:

I totally love the picture lor! Cos like got wind blowing against my hair, then makes the whole picture look very nice :D It's my hp wallpaper now!

2 other pics of me, roxanne and janice goofing around in hortpark.


Yeap, KTV session again! With Sophia, Miner, Victor and Simon! Actually shuana, gillian, kaihui and roxanne was supposed to be there too lor but in the end they couldn't make it, if not it'll be more fun!

Think $10 is cheap for ktv? There's a place even cheaper than that! We paid $5 for 5 hours at this ktv! Not gonna tell you guys where it is located at. If not nextime i want book then fullhouse -.- Heh.

Miner holds microphone like holding hotdog bread. Haha.

Hunger after singing! Simon drove us down to a random hawker to eat and left. (it's actually a very famous hawker place around the east area :D But i decided not to mention the exact place because it's quite near the ktv! =P )

Like what roxanne says: "other people pray before eating their food but we take pictures of the food before eating it" hahaha.

Satay! Finished in a minute.

Chicken wings, my fave ^^

I like oyster egg too! but i only eat the egg and flour i dont eat oysters.

Then the best thing came: STINGRAY :D

Only miner knows how to eat this. It is called "lala"

Chilli prawns! It's damn nice. Im craving for it right now.

All the spiciness. I had to have 2 cup of drinks.

In hawker centre must eat until messy messy then can.

Alot of pics of Miner hor? Know why? Cos Sophia wasn't wearing makeup she dont want to take pics, Victor act shy he also dont want take pics, then i only left with miner to take pics of lor. Haha.

As im blogging about this im craving all the food man.

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