Friday, June 19, 2009

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Given how self conscious i am, i would never do this alone. Im so glad that there are at least 200 people doing it with me!

I wore a boyfriend-shirt. But it got abit too hot and i was perspiring all inside. I should have just wore something simple like a short sleeve oversized tee.

When i reached with my friends, the place was already packed, and people have already started queuing.

All of us were than divided into groups, and my group was lead by huiwen! Our group was like the "bloggers group". Other than me and peggy, we also had valerie, andy, alton, etc!! I think i know half the group lor!

Roxanne, Sophia and Shuana were some of the sweeties who accompanied me. Thanks for holding on to me when we crossed the muddy field knowing that my heels would sink into the wet sand!

(1. jayden, 2. fabian, 3&4. alton, 5.estee, 6.june, 7.shuana, 8.peggy

Shawn, Roxanne, Me, Alton.

Hunks with videocameras.

interviewing andy and shawn.

Interviewing sheylara.

Public onlookers.

Huiwen doing briefing.

Ming talking... At this point of time i was already so hyped up i wished he would stop rambling and rambling cos i wanna starttttttttt!! Hahaha.

Look at shuana. She's so excited. Haha.

Moved over to heeren.
First, some actors and actress entertained us with a short show.

Which ended up in a pillow fight!

Then it abruptly became a silent dance!

In the dance. Sophia having lots of fun! Haha. Spot me in the pic!

Dancing to the beat.

it was like daylight clubbing! The feeling in the middle of the crowd dancing was indescribable. I didn't really dance though. I can't dance.

Xiaxue's pumpkin was a mini celebrity at the event! Everyone loved it! And i really have to say that it's really super cute in real life.

Roxanne and shuana with pumpkin.

Shuana, xiaxue, jess, and roxanne.

Giving claps for ourselves.

The videographers working hard!

Photographer and videographers.

Lots of goodie bags for all the followers!

Afew readers came up for photos:) Please email me the pictures okay? It's really nice to see my readers in real life!

Group piccies!

We are on our way to singapore river festival!

Thanks nuffnang for putting so much effort into this event! It was sure fun and a life time experience.

Watch the video, filmed and edited by Jayden!

(some notes though, i think i looked and sounded really dumb in the interview part. Nervous lah! I was totally contradicting myself! If i could change it, my answer to whether i look hot would be "Yes, because i think everyone could see that im perspiring" Haha. )

Another video i found in youtube:

Now that you have done this challenge, the rewards awaits for you at the Singapore River Festival !

Singapore River Festival launches on 19th June, which is TONIGHT!!!

Tonight, specially guided tours will be provided by Nuffies who would bring bloggers around the SRF (remember to bring your camera to take down magnificent pictures of the event!)

And at 10.30pm , the Ultimate PJ Party @ The Arena awaits you!
· Free entry into The Arena with 2 free drinks
· Performances by The Arena All Stars.
· Party away with the likes of groovy music all night long
· “Ticket” to the entry is the Red Stress Ball given out during the Flash Mob

Great fun to see everyone in pjs again! Mine will be different from the one i wore to the flashmob. And since it's indoors this time, maybe some girls would strip to sexier ones! Say hi to me when you see me alright?!

Anyway, What is SRF?
The Singapore River Festival 2009 returns for a second year, from June 19-June 27, to set abuzz Singapore’s 24-hour nightlife entertainment district with exciting lifestyle and entertainment events on and along the river.

From Boat Quay and Empress Place to Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay, the whole river will come alive with free events and activities. Revellers will be spoilt for choice with nightly activities that include a specially commissioned romantic musical and bumboat parade, paying tribute to the people of the river, a music festival celebrating our vibrant musical past, spectacular aerial performances, a Mojito festival, themed parties, an attempt at a record-making performance of mega illusions and a dance marathon.

With its wide array of dining establishments along the river, the Festival also promises great deals and a host of other irresistible food and beverage promotions to complement this not-to-be-missed nightlife experience.

Visit for regular updates!

1 of the events i feel like attending is:


Date: 20 June
Time: 9pm onwards
Venue: Boat Quay
Experience wining, dining and partying at Robertson Quay—like never before! This circus-themed party promises circus acts, candy floss and glow sticks.

27th june also have but on that date is arthur's bday so i can't go.

Anyone wanna come with me?? :D

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