Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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Hmmm. Have you watched last monday's Campus SuperStar?? I watched it twice. Once on monday and once on tuesday because i taped it down for mum to watch.

And since im free now, i shall comment on them! Hee.

It's just for fun okay? PLEASE dont be offended if i said something about them because the comments are only what i feel about them at the time im writing this. It's only a first impression thingy because i dont watch tv. Just take everything with a pinch of salt k? if i said anything wrong about your idol, just leave a nice comment telling me their good points, and i'll notice their good side in the future :)

ANYWAY, they all sing nicer than me.

I'm afraid my blog will become more lag than it already is, so i shall only place some of the videos here. You can view their photos here:

View their videos here: CLICK.

F1: Agnes Low
Looks: 2.5 stars. Attractive at first, but see long liao abit weird. She has this pair of eyes that look fierce when she opens her eyes big and stare at you O.O
Singing Ablity: 3.5 stars. Nice voice. but not enough power.
Extras: Her expressions are abit fake/ act cute. I dont know. Maybe because of nervousness/self-conciousness? However, should be quite a sweet girl. Who cares if she's fake or not as long as she is nice to me. hahaha.

F2: Keely
3.5 stars. Looks pretty at some angles but i dont know why she dont look nice while singing. Maybe her hairstyle made her face look wide.
Singing Ablity: 4 stars. I like her voice! Abit husky and unique :) I think she's good at the start. Enough power.
Extras: Her name is Keeeee-Lee. I though it was Ker-Lee. haha. If she smiles, i like her. But sometimes when she doesn't know the camera is looking at her, she has that very unfriendly look. i scared. lol.

F3: JiaQi (voted out already)
Looks: 4 stars. Sister dont like her face but i like! She looks nice from some angle lei. I think she'll be quite photogenic. I like her face.
Singing Ability: 3.5 stars. Has the punch and power. But too bad she didn't sing as nice as the original singer of the song she chose.
Extras: I like her. I think she's quite nice. Hee.

F4: Joanna
Looks: 2 stars. Sorry. Not my taste =X
Singing Ability: 3 stars. Quite unique voice. but not stable enough.
Extras: She looks like a nice friend. =D

F5: Zheng ning
4 stars. Doesn't have big eyes but her looks are comfortable enough to look at.
Singing Ability: 3 stars. It's a pity that she chose to sing Jolin's song, because it's obvious she doesn't sing as well as Jolin. Jolin has that very special thing in her voice. Hmm. But i give her two thumbs up for being able to sing while dancing. I couldn't even sing while i walk!
Extra: I like her active character :) Should be very likable among audiences. Very natural also.

YAY. Now to talk about the boys. i'm more interested in the males part. Hee.

M1: Marcus
3.5 stars. Not bad from SOME angles lah. But i wonder if he is actually fat, or is that muscles??
Singing Ability: 4.5 starts. I like! The moment he started singing "wo ke yi", i was like "wow?". He has a stable voice, although he went offkey 2 times. But, stabilty is the thing that matters to me. Haha. Quite alike the original singer too.
Extra: =D

M2: JunJie
2.5 stars. with the mic over his mouth and bottom of his nose, he looks not bad. But when he takes out his mic, then errrr. not very nice liao.
Singing Ability: 4 stars. When i dont look at the TV screen, i would not know that the song was sung by a small boy! His voice like very deep lor! Haha. Although he sound like his voice is all stuck inside his throat unwilling to come out, i like his voice because i can fall asleep when he sings. Very peaceful and stable.

M3: Fu Kuan
Looks: 3 stars. To be honest, he looks like china boy. Hmm. Nothing against china boy lah. But he dont have the "seh" lei. Looks like nerd. Maybe if he change his hairstyle, and have more shuainess "seh" written on his face, he'll look better.
Singing Ability: 2.5 stars. hehs. Frankly, me and my sis walked away from the sofa and do our own things the moment his face appeared on the screen. LOL. In the kitchen, i heard him anyhow changing the tune of the song. Don't like.
Extra: Let's hope he become nicer looking.

M4: Xu Bin (voted out already)
Looks: 5 stars. SHUAI SHUAI SHUAI SHUAI SHUAI lah. haha. I couldn't help going gaga over him infront of the tv. BUT, he has a girlfriend (sexy one leh) already, so forget it. haha.
Singing ability: 3 stars. Quite disappointed at the start. haha. But towards the end jiu quite okay ler.
Extra: Cannot sing jiu cannot sing lor. Got nice face can liao =D

F5: Shawn
Looks: 3 stars. Not shuai. But quite cute lah, since he's so small size. haha.
Singing Ability: 4 stars. Everyone is exclaiming at my ears that he sings "WOW" for the pass few weeks, that i somehow had high expectations of this boy. But. his performance not very WOW that night lei. Haha. Maybe it's because people kept telling me that he's VERY good, so i expected him to be better.
Extra: HE's VERY VERY popular lor.

-- Dont take my critisms seriously k?? :) --
im so afraid i'll see someone coming after me with vegetable chopper when i go down to buy dinner later.

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