Monday, June 4, 2007

I have photos to share!
Say YAY :)

Went to Carolyn's 21st Birthday party last night. It was more of a friends gathering than Birthday party because many many people came! Alot of little kids too -.-

I took a photo of the pretty cake with my handphone. But i lazy to bluetooth lahs. haha. i forgot to use digital cam to take it instead.

After the cake-cutting session, someone handed out a book to place autographs! Each person have one page to draw their greetings on, with many many colourful markers. haha. Fun leh. nextime when i have birthday party i also want :)

Even children also have a part!

As i said, many little kids there.

One of them is super cute! I like her because she has that super-sweet and decent face. heehee. I asked her to pose for a photo and SNAP:

XinYi~!!! this girl is naughty. haha. but all the adults love her and sort of spoil her with whatever she wants. Lucky girl she is :)

Hee. Im so obsessed with acting cute this few days.

Had light makeup on that day. haha. go chalet only what. if i wear thick makeup they will all go "you siao ah??"

Hehs. I love pokka green tea.

Im Sua-Ku lah. I first time see this kind of chocolate thingy. haha.

I took this photo of the moon, but because of digicam's flash, the moon became SO SMALL!

I had a hard time capturing this shot..

Because Xinyi keeps falling before i manage to click SNAP!
I cannot play monkey bar :(
im TOO TALL :)

Through the monkeybar. Nice right??!! haha.

And while we are at yellow things, let's show Yellow Me and Yellow Sister.


These lights looked very pretty from far! but when i followed the blue lights, i was quite disppointed from the source. i thought it was the swimming pool glowing :(

Time To say Bye bye!

When i reached home i was so tired that i plopped on the bed and ZZZzzzz.

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