Friday, June 8, 2007

LG Shine Bloggers Programme:
Part Two - Specifications of
Black Label Series KU970

Someone asked me to blog more about the LG phone that the LG company asked me to try using, so here's part two!

Memory: 512MB built-in
Type: Slider
Camera: 2-megapixel
Dimensions (mm): 99.8 x 50.6 x 13.8
Weight with battery: 118 g
Standard battery (mAh): 800 Li-ion
Standby time: 280 h
Talk time: Up to 2h 40min
External LCD (pixel): 240 x 300
Number of colors: 262 000, TFT
RF band: Quadband (900/1800/1900/2100)

2.2″ wide mirror LCD screen
Full metal stainless steel body
Multi-functional scroll key
Multimedia players (MP3, MP4, Document viewer)
USB and Bluetooth v1.2
2-megapixel auto-focus camera certified by Schneider-Kreuznach, a globally recognised Germany-based lens company
Video telephony with HSDPA capability

I dont actually look at those features when i buy a handphone. for me, as long as it:
- looks nice
- has a good camera,
- has a good video function
- does not lag and moves fast
- can save messages in simcard
- can receive and call.
- high memory space
- can store mp3
- wont break even after dropping many times

then tada, it's a good phone for me. haha. i dont use the handphone much for other things except taking photos, since daddy wouldn't lend me his digicam. He says that i spoil things easily. grrr. actually, yeap, i dont know why i keep dropping things.

Back to the Lg phone, it has a flat keypad. Yes, pretty flat keypad. I used to love those kind of keypads, because they looked so class and .... flat. However, now that i have a phone that has flat keypad, i realised that i love my bulky push buttons instead of flat buttons now. haha. It's harder to type on a flat keyboard i think. Maybe im not used to it, or maybe my hands are too big for such a flat and thin phone!

Oh ya, it also comes with a earpiece, that has a controller something like mp3 players. haha. Of course, you have to connect this to the handphone before mp3 songs will play out into your ears. Good, because you can put the handphone in your bag, and only use this controller to skip or pause songs! Yay. No more dropping of handphone in mrt trains when your hands are full of things.

(sorry for poor quality. i was too lazy to bluetooth so i used webcam directly to take this photo. lol. )

Part One Here.

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