Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wasted money again on taxi fare in the morning, and taxi fare going home. Grrr. I hope someone accidently transfer afew hundred bucks into my bank account. *wish wish wish*

Alright, i've got the first batch of the camp photos already. Now i'll just have to wait for the 2nd batch from another person. I think by the time they finished sending me, i would have forgot totally what happened at the camp liao -.-

What happens when your best friend took time a long time putting makeup in the toilet? Answer: You end up taking super many photos.

Yea, that's what happened to me. Help me choose one of them to display at the profile part of my sidebar! i'm getting tired of that old picture already~

This one edit until super fake.

Too white already. Bleah.


I also made a new link-button using one of these new photos! You can copy the codes below and link me up in your blog using this button!

Just copy the codes in the box below:

Many people have been asking me how i make those buttons. Alright, it's easy. Just use photoshop or whatever to make a small banner, upload it into photobucket and get the url.

then, copy the following codes and replace whatever you need to replace, and tada!

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