Sunday, June 17, 2007


what did you buy for your dad? did you realise that it's always easier when choosing presents for mums? haha. fiona and me went shopping for fatherday's gift on friday, and decided to make this unique present for daddy.

( Bought macdonalds to eat while we make the present! .... went home midway though. )

Firstly, we bought a cup.

... And ALOT of these stickers. NOT KIDDY STICKERS HOR. it's Mug Stickers. These stickers wont drop off when it touches heat/steam or when you wash the cup. we bought ours at Tampines Mall, highest level (i forgot the shop name). 1 for $2.90, or 4 for $10. We bought four each, because some particular alphabets have alot of repeats and there are only 2 similar alphabet on each piece.

Okay, time to start work!

Peel off the sticker and start pasting onto the cup. It looks easy but it isn't! We have to use our fingers to secure each tiny sticker.The words i pasted on the cup was:
hee.. I remember when i was younger, i bought a tshirt for him that says "THE PERSON BEHIND THIS SHIRT IS THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD", and he loved it! He can wear that shirt and drink from this cup together (:

Add some touch ups, so that it wont look so plain.

The other side of the cup:
(heh. i know it looks TOO CUTE for a father, but my daddy IS cute. so it suits him. lol. )

Update: When daddy received the present, he was surprised. haha. i emphasized on the fact that i pasted every single sticker MYSELF! hee. daddy didn't want to spoil the cup by drinking from it, so he intend to use it as an ornament instead.

Dad had a Happy Papa Day.

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