Tuesday, June 5, 2007

i'll dye my hair again later because black hair have grown back more than one inch already! im going to dye back the same colour though. Had been planning to get a lighter tone of my current one, but saw someone on the train who looks super BLAH-ED with a light tone. Scared me so much that i decided to stick to my current colour. haha.

I want light green highlights on afew strands of my hair, but it definitely cannot match with my current colour. Couldn't think of any other colour that would match :(

Green is nice! I can picture myself with permed hair and afew strands of light green hair. wheeets. If i dye whole hair green, i think either my father or my mother will kill me. Haha. Mum is usually wild and always trying new things, but i dont know if she's wild enough to accept whole head green hair. Dad doesn't really mind what i do with my money and looks, but he always nag at my kind of dressing. He likes mature, conservative and clever women. He don't like bimbos. hahaha.

i dont know why i have a soft spot for rainbow and cute colours recently. Gahhhh. And, DONT ASK ME TO DYE BLACK COLOUR! wahlao. Guys tell me they think black looks nice on girls, and girls tell me that black is the 'in' colour now. I got rid of black boring hair which stucked on my hair for 16 years and now in my 17th year i could finally get it off, you want me to stick it back again?! If i do that, i am SIAO.

Dye-ing your hair black (when it looks simply boring and ugly on you) just because everyone else is doing the same, is a stupid reason.

Was bored yesterday so i photoshopped this photo of a closed-merry-go-round.
It didn't come out as good as i want though.

Hehe. everyone can do it. just add yellow sparkle to the light bulbs, change the contrast and brightness, then.. TADA~

(if you want me to do the reverse, change from bright-light to closed-lights, i cannot do it. haha)

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