Wednesday, June 13, 2007


yes, finally! haha. Photo credits:
isaac, otaku, jiayi, nathalie, juni, calvin (

i was late that day and they had to wait for me. Sorry! But luckily, i wasn't as late as isaac who missed half the tour. We started without him. hehs.

it's hidden at the 4th storey of a completely normal building somewhere near Dhoby Ghaut Mrt Station.
We had to exchange our ic for this visitor pass. The gates will open when we tap this card on the reader, like mrt faregates.
The entrance (:

We were given this goodie bag, which comes in the form of an envelope!
The things inside:
hehs. I don't look nice here, but since it's the only photo i took with Jiayi that day, i shall post it up. Squashed it though, so that you guys canot see properly. Bleah.
The first celebrity we saw that day was UTT~!! he's so cute lah! i almost wanted to crop Otaku out of the photo so that it looks like he's tweecing at me. hohoho.
Other than the lobby and waiting area, this was the first room we visited. From this dark room, we could see Colby recording in another room, through tv screens. Then, we were brought to the recording studio, which looks so ...... playroom! haha.
Oh ya, lets sidetrack abit. Introducing our tourguide of the day! hee.

We took a group photo.
Then, we started playing with the props. Juni and Nathalie the supermodels, and an extra iceangel in the middle. An even more extra otaku at the back. hee.
Otaku and me.
And then, this was the highest point of the tour!! we took pictures with the Denise keller who was super super super super pretty, the UTT who was super super super super cute, and Colby who was super super super super good-looking.

I was practically admiring both of their faces throughout.
Everybody is wowed too.
At the other side of the room was that green wallpaper. In television, those green walls would turn into animated wallpapers.
We watched UTT and Denise Keller record the show. I dont know why everyone took UTT's photo but i can't find any Denise Keller's photo in the batch. Maybe because everyone was too preoccupied by her charm that we forgot to take her photo.

UTT again!!
Colby and UTT.

Part of the camera:

Then, we went to visit several rooms. They looked all almost the same to me, except that each room is used to do different things. haha.

Everyone uses Mac there. and here's Juni eating his Big Mac. Get it? Big Mac = that macdonalds meal. Big Mac = a Big version of a Mac. Haha.

i'm the editor!! (:
Sheeesh. im recording.

So complicated stuff. i think if i work there, i'll mess up all the buttons.

Then... the dressing room! hehs. We barged in because we were curious.

We visted several more rooms.
They had a Huge popcorm hidden at the back!

It's nice being a CEO and look at the meeting room from this view..... And, they do love SpongeBob.

Click here to get bigger version of this group photo.

isaac and me and spongebob.

Isaac loves Patrick. But Patrick doesn't love isaac. Awww.
Juni the monster, Nat the Nut, and me!

Isaac loves Reflections.

And we ended the tour with shopping and drinking yummy milkshakes at Mos burger!!

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