Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I love White Calla Lillies.

That was a rather pointless introduction to today's entry. haha. I guess it is because of the huge amount of food i ate today.

Breakfast: Cheese Waffle. (the waffle in my school is extremely yummy. the yummiest waffle i ever ate. )

Lunch: I had actually decided not to eat, but Dinglong tempted me by treating me to half of his ham-and-cheese waffle. Grrr. Couldn't resist cheese.

Dinner: Went for dinner with Choongming. He recommended Bar-Chor-Mee to me, so i bought it.

BarChorMee uncle: Want chilli?
Me: Dont want.
BarChorMee uncle: Want ketchup?
Me: Dont want.
BarChorMee uncle: Want vinegar?
Me: Dont want.
Choongming: Wahlao. Why all dont want??

Hahaha. The Barchormee isn't very nice lei. I told Choongming that the barchormee near my house is alot nicer.

When i reached home, i realised mum bought Curry Chicken for me. Decided not to waste it, so i ate. Then, sister offered me half of her cheese waffle. Aaaahhh. It was triple-cheese waffle leh! As usual, i couldn't resist the cheese again, and so i took it.

alright. who ask me so greedy. *knocks head*

Heh heh. I found this in one of my folders:
When you look through the peephole, it's like someone delivering pizza for you, but actually it's only a cardboard attached to the door. lol.

Oh ya. Regarding yesterday's maze, i know where's the another piece of wall where i can pass through already! Thanks to the commentors! haha. Here's a map on 2 ways you can reach the End Point. The black line is cheat-shortcut way. So much better than the green line long way. Red circles are the points where you can pass through.

I want a digi-cam! Too bad my birthday isn't coming soon.

I wasted $5.10 early in the morning today. Dinglong was staying overnight at a chalet in Downtown East lastnight, and since i live in Pasir Ris, he asked me to meet him in the morning so that we can go to school together. While i was on my way to Downtown East, he decided to walk to the MRT station himself, and i ended up paying $5.10 to take a taxi to MRT station from Downtown East. It was quite a short distance so i thought the fare will be cheap, but i forgot the morning charge of $2. Gahhhh. $5.10 can eat Student Macdonalds Meal and still get $1.10 back leh.

Oh ya. Besides wasting my $5.10, i also wasted all my energy early in the morning. I had actually wanted to plug on my music player and ignore Dinglong for the whole mrt journey because i was lazy to entertain him, but we ended up chatting from Pasir Ris to Woodlands, from woodlands mrt to the classroom. Wooosh. By the time i reached the classroom, i was super tired.

Okay. Boring. Why am i blogging about my morning when no one is even interested.
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