Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mtv studio photos still not ready yet BUT meanwhile....


Say YAY, because it's alot!
haha. i dont appear much in the photos, but nevermind. In most of the photos, im practically without makeup because my foundation was gone and my eyeliner smudged. (gahhh. i look horrible without makeup covering my face lahs)

Alright, before we start, let me credit afew people first~!!

Thanks to Samuel for coming all the way from Commonwealth to Pasir Ris just to pass me the memory card with all the photos because his photos couldn't reach me online.

Thanks to MJ for uploading the photos to Flickr batch by batch just because Esther keep pestering her to send the photos (:

And Last Of All, thanks to Me! I spent alot of time like a naggy aunty asking people to send me those photos okay. I spent alot of time editing and resizing all the photos so that it'll load faster okay. I spent alot of time receiving and saving the photos okay. I spent alot of time to upload so many photos to blogger okay.

Haha. Okay. Here are some awards to give out:

Miss Photogenic: Jess
- her photos no need photoshop also nice lor!

Miss TourGuide: SiSi
- she was missing most of the time because everyone wants her to fetch them from the front gate to the bbq pit. haha

Miss Messy Hair: Esther
- because alot people commented that my hair was messy that day..... ok lahs. the main reason is because i want give myself an award. hee.

Mr Chef: Hengyi
- he was at the stove whole night! poor cinderella :(

Mr Food Taster: QiBin
- Hehs. he's personal assistant of Chef Hengyi.

Mr Eat Eat Eat: Clement
- Bleah ^^

Guest Of Honour: Jessica.
(isn't part of our class W45c, but she was invited!)

Okay, let's introduce the photographer for most of the photos! Samuel~!

It was a long walk from the main gates of downtown east to our bbq pit. Area 2, Pit 26. First to reach were Minjuan, Samuel, Dinglong, Sisi, and Junfei. It was about 5 plus when they reached, and the sky was beautiful.

They enjoyed the green trees and brown benches.

Min Juan and SiSi.

DingLong and Junfei.

Then, it suddenly became dark. We realised that we dont have any lighters to light up a fire. Junfei and Dinglong saved the day and started the fire!! Must thank them because without them, we have no chickenwing, otah, satay, stingray, hotdog, etc to eat already. *clap clap clap* No, they didn't rub stones together to get fire. they played cheat and borrowed lighter from strangers

Peiwen and Clement came, and they tested the fire with 3 otahs. Why THREE? i dont know either.

Meanwhile, i was getting lost as i couldn't find my way to the BBQ pit. Okay, i admit i stay in pasir ris for 17 years already and still dont know how to find my way in pasir ris park. haha. Sisi, Mj, and Jessica came to save me from the bee that kept following me. haha. i think we walked a million miles to buy drinks, and walked a million miles back carrying heavy bottles of drinks. Leg pain, hand pain :(

Then it was time for me to show my culinary skills! wahaha. At this time, hengyi and qibin reached too.

Hehs. Yes, yes, that's me, with my messy hair and not-so-fabulous figure.


Then, we noticed TINKERBELL!!! hahaha. we named it TINKERBELL because it has a bell around it's neck. TINKERBELL is the main character of the day! (: Wooooh. Green eyes! i love guys with green guys. heehee.

haha. I saw alot of beautiful stars that day!
*Luo-Man-Di-Ke leh!*

Okay, back to BBQing. Woooh. Unglam me ): We trashed so many food onto the bbq pit and the food squashed together trying to breathe. haha. we have too many hungry children waiting, so cannot waste time lah. Hengyi started to open up a packet of chilli.
Jessica and JiaLiI dont know whose hand this is....... after so long... Hengyi still havent open up that chilli packet?!!

I forgot what we were laughing about.

Where is Tinkerbell heading to?

oh. It's walking towards Hengyi.
ChoongMing was the LATEST to reach!!! Everyone is busy.
The photographer of this camera took many candid photos that night lor! Here's MinJuan and Sisi.
then minjuan and jess. Jess looked headless here. haha. actually, most of our photos looked hairless.
Nice Chicken Wing.
Me and PeiWen! ME, (minjuan's head in the middle) and Peiwen.

I like this photo so lets look at it afew more times ^^

YAY. im inside alot of photos. im inside this one too (at the back) ! but i guess everyone is only noticing the pervertic look of clement here. lol.
Someone was spying on me and Hengyi.

hahaha. i like the words in the photo.

This satay i bbq one leh!!

What is Jess doing??? The green question mark reminds me of Shrek.

After eating............ he has nothing to do liao. The stingray was yummy but i dont know why it looked so yucky here.

Choongming, Dinglong, and me. Candid.

Time for bicycles! We 5 girls, ONLY girls, walked very very very very far just to rent 5 bicycles! we realised halfway that we are odd numbers, and people have told us that we canot ride bicycles at night in odd numbers, because the last person will get disturbed by "that kind of things". We almost wanted to go back and ask one more person to join us, but BRAVE jiali volunteered to ride behind. haha. and so we walked in an horizontal row, so that none of us will be walking at the back. Someone said: "watch our shadows and see if will suddenly missing one shadow anot." AND THEN. Someone else said: "what if come out another extra shadow???"

Aaaaahhhhh!!! We screamed. Scary lah! I didn't notice who was that someone, if not i sure bang her head -.- It was a spooky walk.

We got our bicycles safely in the end.
( 1st cycling round: Esther, jiali, MJ, jessica, sisi )
( 2nd round: Esther, Dinglong, jess, clement, junfei)
( 3rd round: Jessica, Sisi, CM, dinglong, junfei )

My whole body cramped on second round. I think it was because i havent been exercising for a long time already. haha. luckily the guys waited for me, if not i think i would be losted in that stupid park of trees and trees and trees.

The food are yummy because most of them are barbequed by hunk of the class, Hengyi! hee.

See! everyone agrees with me that it's yummy. haha.
Hengyi and Samuel

Jess and MinJuan. Why Minjuan always kena candid one! haha.
Clement has alot of poses to show! *happy pose* *Clement Depression in progress*
*Storytelling grandpa pose*
*Tour guide pose*PHOTO SESSION!!
One Jess....
Who wants to accompany this lonely lonely bench?
Choongming and Esther.
Clement and Peiwen


And what is clement's reaction???!


Disorganized class!!

The babes. (:

the...... hunks. *eh hem*
Samuel and ChoongMing.

Even jess, the tallest girl in our class, looks short beside him!
we have almost 40 cm difference in height!!!


We have alot of Doubles!

Double C:

Double S:

Double J. Jess and JiaLi. (jiali looks drunk. haha)

Hengyi and ME!! he's cute. haha.

Samuel and Hengyi

Choongming and Me. (the photographer shot me in a totally wrong angle lah. i had actually wanted to delete this photo.)

QiBin and Jess

Clement is a lucky boy.

Public Display of .... MUSCLES.

Poor Dinglong. He's sandwiched. Between two big muscles.

Guess who we are??


Peiwen, jess, sisi, jiali and minjuan.

This is the best photo taken ^^ CUTE HOR?!!
YAY. im glad i got into Republic Poly and met these people. i love this class. I really do (:

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