Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random Photos!

Have been going out alot recently, and mum has been grumbling about the fact that im going out for the sake of going out instead of a purpose. heh heh. That's why i have so many random photos now, and although they are not blog-worthy at all, i feel bad throwing them away into rubbish bin. Shall give these useless photos one-minute of fame. Or maybe two, if you bothered to look at them for another minute.

Let's date back to almost 2 weeks ago. A random photo of Carolyn's 21st birthday cake! It's so pretty lah! Sorry for the bad photo quality. It wasn't taken with a digicam, but you can imagine how it looks like in real life right?! I want a big beautiful birthday (cheese) cake like hers too~ Other than that enormous garfield birthday cake when i was three, and my super enormous cake at my 6 year old birthday party at macdonalds, all my birthday cakes are normal looking and normal sized.

Talking about cakes, one of my teachers at poly treated us to our school library Cafe Galilee! So good right? haha. And i found out that the Oreo Cheesecake at my school is really..... Heavenlicious. The cheese is really thick, and just wow, it's so yummy. Furthermore, it costs only $1.80. the cheapest yummy cheesecake i ever ate.

i couldn't think of any particular flavour i want to drink at the moment, so my teacher recommended Cookies and Cream for us. Hmmm. I think Cookies and Cream is a little too sweet though. Not my taste. Cold Chocolate is alot better. I asked teacher if the reason he recommended it is because it's his favourite, he says No. He just observed that girls usually order this. haha. Maybe girls order it only because the name is cute.

Hunk: hey, what are you drinking?
Girl: Cookies and Cream *gives sweet smile*
Hunk: wah. Drink cute beverages. Sure is cute girl.

-.- i don't know. Maybe. And maybe the colour of Cookies and Cream looks alot better than Dark chocolate.

Alright, the following photos are even more random than random, so i shall organise them with titles.

Little Cousin JunYuan:

Visited grandpa's house sometime back and saw cute little cousin, Junyuan!
im afraid of baby saliva though.


Had been shopping alot recently. Went town with SiSi, Jessica, and her friends on monday. Ended up buying two new tops. Went out with Sister on tuesday and we bought a new top and a new mini pant. Gosh. 4 new pieces adding to my wardrobe but Money is flying away fast.

Job Interview:

Money is flying away fast, but soon money will be rolling in too! Well, i hope. Went for a weekend job interview with Sisi, Jessica and Otaku yesterday. Alot of "ahbengs" at the office. haha. The ahbengs there are quite okay lah. Quite friendly and look harmless. However, the boss is super fierce and gangsterish lei. Wish me goodluck that i wont be killed by him while working.

Otaku, me and Sisi were joking that it looks like a gang recruitment, and the interview questions they would ask is:
- What kind of vulgarities can you spit?
- What company (gang) did you work for lasttime?
- What's your (skills) level?
- Can you fight?
- What kind of KungFu do you know?
- Have you killed anyone before?

I've never even killed a lizard before! i admit killing ants and centipedes before though. I stepped on them accidently =x

Haha. Seriously, the boss is very scary leh. I scared.

ate Tissue Prata with Otaku after the interview to calm my nerves down. heh.

Dinner with ChoongMing!

Last monday, Choongming came all the way from Choa Chu Kang to tampines just to have dinner with me! Hee. We ate this...

Teriyaki Chicken.

Black Pepper Chicken.


Okay, i guess you all found out. We ate at Boring Foodcourt. But it was a great dinner anyway. I love teriyaki chicken. We walked walked awhile and he brought me home.

Dinner with Hengyi:

Upon receiving my sms, Hengyi came all the way from ang mo kio to Suntec just to have dinner with me last night! Well, and a little shopping after that. Hehs.

i messaged him:
"later free to pei me eat dinner?"

haha. most people would reply with "where you want to eat", "what time", or "why." But he replied: "ok. meet you where?"

Wow. Very steady sia. hahaha.

And he MADE these little chocolate chip cookes with nuts for me! WOW. Hand-made leh! It was so surprising. Yummy. I finished it in one day. haha.

Ate at foodcourt because he wasn't hungry and wanted only fruits. I ordered Korean Chicken Set. I wanted to pay for myself, but Hengyi insisted that he pay. The auntie at the counter laughed and said "what's yours is his and what's his is yours mahs..."

-.- So embarrassed. haha. We both replied: "we are only classmates lah!". The auntie didn't believe us. We are telling the truth!!

The chicken isn't very nice though.

Hengyi bluff me say that this veggie nice. NOT NICE ONE!!!
Hengyi didn't taste Ice Jelly Cocktail before so i bought one and shared. It's my favourite dessert!

Went shopping after that, and bought NewYork Cheesecake from Secret recipe for Mummy. She loves cheesecake as much as i do.

Look at the variety of cakes! the top row are all different flavours of cheesecakes. I drooled at the cheesecake while hengyi drooled at the Big Walnut cake in the second row. $45 for such a big cake is worth it!

When it was time to go home, we saw this really beautiful blue corridor.

We were curious and so we walked through the corridor, and saw this really beautiful fountain!

Me: wahhh~ so pretty! very romantic leh!
Hengyi: wahhh~ how they make the water go down and go up suddenly one! Science!!

Girls and Boys always have different reactions to the same things.

Oh ya, have you guys ever sat on these chairs inside mrt stations? can you tell me how did you get your butt to sit there properly? I kept slipping off!! I dont believe anyone can sit there comfortably.

Lastly, MY face:

I don't know how to photoshop away smudged eyeliner.

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