Friday, June 22, 2007

Daddy just told me shocking news!
Alright, it has nothing to do with me but it's still shocking to me.

We forgot what we were talking about, then we got to the topic of different traditions.

In one country, the fatter you are, the more pretty they think you are. If you are thin, people think you are ugly and sick. Woooo. How good it is to live there! I can eat as many cheesecakes as i want.

In another country, the longer your neck is, the prettier you are. WIERD. why dont those guys marry giraffes instead? =x

In the past, people like cross-eyed girls. PRETTY MEH??

In a particular tribe, two brothers have to share one wife. Wah. Trying to spoil the relationship between the two brothers ah. What if one likes fairskin girls and another one likes tanned girls? Then the wife have to paint half of her face white and half of her face black???

And the most shocking one is... in another country, males choose wife by touching their breast!!! The guy goes to the matchmaking centre, walk pass a row of single girls, and touch to "test" their breasts. Wahlao. All the girls very lose out leh. It's like all the girls are touched by many different guys before lah. What's the difference between that and a whore?? .....And the guys!! They benefit so much from this lor~!! My sister was suggesting that if she was a guy in that country, she would go to the matchmaking centre everyday and touch breasts. Lol.

Man: Give me ten girls with D-cup!
Matchmaker: Okay.
*after 20 minutes of "touching"*
Man: I dont like any of them. Give me ten more!

Wahhhhhhhh. Where got like that one. Hahaha. I'm glad i live in a normal country. At least I think it's very normal, compared to those traditions above.

Alright, here are some pictures that i took on a very dark night. I love daddy's digicam flashlight :)

Joanne told me this in the taxi that day:

Joanne: I can get to USA by taxi.
Esther: huh? how?
Joanne: Upper Serangoon Avenue.
Esther: -.-"

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