Thursday, May 31, 2007

tada~ sorry for the late post! Well, i finally finished grabbing all the photos from the other bloggers and edited some of them. I couldn't be bothered to edit every single one of them though. almost 100 photos leh! if i edited every single one of them, my hands will crumble. So will my eyes and my mouse, my photoshop and my computer. Haha. Yay for those people who keep asking me to post unedited photos of myself. There are loads in this post. hee. SOME of them are still edited lah.

YOUTH.SG bloggers gathering.
At- Miss Clarity Cafe.

Left school early to meet up with isaac outside my school first. Reached bugis and realised that we dont know how to follow the map. haha. Jiayi came to our rescue by fetching us there. Reached there 15 minutes early. I thought we would be late

Didn't know what to do, so we just sat outside the cafe. And yeap, i love this photo. Hehs. It was before all the sweat came in to disturb.
Can you see my reflection??

Some other bloggers arrived, and i realised that i dont regconize most of them =X They were introducing themselves by their contestant number in the grand final of the blogging contest and i was saying "huh?". hahaha. i dont remember bloggers based on their numbers lah! i couldn't even remember their names lor. Unless they look super different from from the others. Or i've known them even before the contest. People like Otaku and isaac.

Voxy fell down the chair and knocked his head on a van behind him. OUCH. maybe that's the reason why he looked so blur and cute the whole night. haha.

Isaac and me, camwhored as usual while waiting.

Finally it was time to go inside. Hehs. Took photos of almost everything around me.

Someone else took this photo. Not me. Because i saw myself in the photo! haha. the one with hairband at the far right of this photo.They dimmed the light and lit candles! Candle Light dinner~~ It's not romantic though. So many people.

They gave us plain cold water while we wait. As i took this pic, isaac said to put the caption as "yay. isaac got his favourite colour as cup and iceangel got her favourite colour too!" hahahah. Lame leh.
I grew bored and took this picture of the lantern above me. I had nothing else in the shop to take photo of because i took almost every corner liao.I began observing the other people. Zelia! She's pretty lor. More pretty than this photo. She has very little makeup on, but still looked the prettiest among all of us. The guys are wowing over her face in a msn mass-conversation after the gathering. Girls wowed over her too. haha. I didn't get the chance to talk to her though. She sat quite far. Not veryyyyy far, but far enough that i couldnt even see her face because she was blocked by two heads.

In front of me was thegreatsze. Beside me was Joan. Both of them are very chim! they were talking about something like literature, history and language. i listened to their conversation for about 5 minutes and i realised i dont understand what they are talking about. hahaha. Luckily i had isaac beside me. He speaks simpler things that i could at least understand =x

I realised that every single blogger in the gathering are all different kinds of people. All different kinds of people placed in one cafe to interact.

I love meeting new people. I think i was quite friendly that night compared to my online reputation. haha. people who emailed me, msn me, will realise that i dont talk much to them. well, maybe i was busy, or im too lazy to crack up a conversation online. I prefer real life interactions.

Isaac is lucky. He gets to sit between two girls. wheets.

Finally after one hour, the food came. The soup and drinks first. The soup was SO YUMMY! i dont know if it was the fact that i was hungry or what, but the soup was so super nice lor. Got some pieces of chicken inside. heeee. I love chicken. And the soup.

Then, main course came. Mine was fish and chips!

Isaac was Sausage Bake rice i think. i dont remember the exact name of what he ordered.

Grabbed this photo of Dory Fillet from another blogger. Looks nice also!
(grabbed this pic from Jiayi's blog!) im the one with hairband digging into my plate of fish and chips. hehs.

The last item on the menu for the night was IceCream! A bunch of us were outside camwhoring and thus when we came back, our icecream was half melted.
Now im going to talk about the toilets!! their toilets are so cute lah! Look at the corridors!

isaac is toilet tour guide. heehee.
The inside of the toilet.
that's why i say i dont like artificial lighting. the light falls unevenly on my face :(

Prize giving out time! =D

Here are some of the photos we took that night outside the cafe. Me and the Very-Cute Voxy. haha.
With the twins! Joyce, Me, Nathalie and Grace. I can't see the difference between Joyce and Grace =X
Me, frozenmama and janel
Me and Nathalie.Isaac Otaku Me Jiayiand then, we started being a little crazy.
Group photos!
Tell me if there are repeats! haha. there are not much difference in the next 4 pics.

7 of the top 10 who could go for the mtv studio tour.
End of Blogger's Gathering.

After the gathering, me and isaac decided to go shopping! haha. called up issac's friends to meet us and bring us to bugis junction because we couldn't find our way. Photos while waiting!
Have got to say thanks to isaac because he helped me carry my laptop all the way through the night. It was super heavy!

Can you see me and him?
I love this photo ALOT!!!!
isaac's friends Jin Long and MingXuan reached. After that was hell loads of fun. hahaha. It has been so long since i last played with crazy people :)

Jin Long, MingXuan and Isaac.
Ming Xuan! She found a hat that matched her top that day. hahaMingXuan again!!
Mingxuan forced me up this Osim machine and began torturing me by massaging my back! SO PAIN LAH!! Bad isaac took this very unglam photo of me with big thighs and put it on his blog! im going to kill him the next time i see him.
Alright. Enough about MingXuan. Here's Doraemon!
Dont kill me. I seriously dont know why we took so many photos of MingXuan.Kiddy dresses are cute :)

Isaac and MingXuan played with Osim's i-gallop. I galloped on this horsey. haha.


I miss my long hair =(Crocodile, Crocodile, please come out.

Crocodile Crocodile please shut up.We awarded ourself with a packet of Yupi Worms Candy each with these tickets. haha.
All of you are tired of seeing so many of my face right?! here's one more before i end! LOL.

i grabbed these photos of Voxy from jiayi's blog!


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