Saturday, May 12, 2007

I reached home this morning with a horrifying shock.

No one's going to read through my long description of what i saw, so i shall summarise it. in short the codes my blog was messed up due to some itchy hand of mine, and i panicked. My main pc is down, and my files are all inside it so i cannot just copy and paste the old codes back.. I switched on my laptop wishing hopefully that i might have saved my old codes inside it before, but unfortunately there was only school work and school work in the documents. Switched on daddy's pc and began spamming the blogskinners i know in my msn list. Alright. i think i only spammed 3 person, because the other blogskinners are still dreaming away in lalaland instead of sitting infront of their msn list on such a bright sunny afternoon. 2 replied that they had no idea, and the last one was sleeping.

i attempted to solve the problem myself but after realising that my html codes is as long as a roll of toiletpaper, i gave up. Im really lousy at codings la. It looks so mathematical and messy. Oh well, a riddle for you people before i ramble on.

What is the unhappiest season of all?

( Not The Miracle Season la! )

Answer: SUMMER.
because.... Somerset = Summer Sad.

quick, laugh with me.
I think it's funny :)

ok. It's more of lame than funny.

Alright. back to how i saved my blogskin. The last person i spammed who was previously sleeping, WOKE up! yay. he's no one other than the terrific isaac
(, who solved my navibar problem the other time.

He spent a long time helping me to repair my codes leh! He's Kind :) haha. I was so hyperhappy when he sent me back the codes and announced that my blog is okay already. YAY. thankyou isaac. He's PowerMan. hohoho.

He has a cute friend and recently i went to read his blog. ( In one of the posts, he found something that says if you drink too much water, you will become like that:
i'm not going to put the picture visibly on my blog because some people will begin to harp that im showing porn again. Boys and Girls, you can only click on the above link if you are above 16 k? Alright, I did my job of not leading young teens astray already. If they enter the link, it means that they are rebellious. Not my fault.

Alright, back to the drinking water thingy. I want drink more water if the photo is true, because i'm too flat. Fiona says so. Hahaha. I think the reason is because i drink very little water everyday.

** i KNOW the photo is photoshopped la. i'm not that stupid to believe it's a real picture.

Went for the radio interview with Fiona yesterday at Jurong East Library. It's my first radio interview, and they say it will be broadcasted in their school, Ngee Ann Poly. I don't know when though, but if you are from that school, don't tell other people that i speak not-so-fluent english when you finish listening to the radio interview on campus! haha. They say that if they win what blahblahblah ( i wasn't really paying attention when he told me this) , i'll be on national radio. Alright, Jiayou to win ah!

And so, i met the four of them at Jurong East. Daniel, Sheila, and i forgot the names of the other 2. It was my first time doing a radio interview, and it was pretty interesting. The fun part was listening to my recorded voice after the whole thing. We chatted abit after the interview, and found out that Daniel the main interviewer, can sing!

Fiona and Me proceeded to force him to sing. Hehe. And he sung! In the middle of the library. Haha. Lucky his singing abilities were nice, because i was sitting beside him and i don't know where i can run to.

He can also talk very well. I think he should be a dj. Besides talking and singing well, he can also act well~!! Plus his humour (he signed off with "Yours UNfaithfully" in his emails inviting me for the interview. Lucky im not a petty person. hahaha), i think he's a very multi-talented guy. A media company should find and groom him. haha. Any company interested? can email me. I got his number. LOL.

Alright. I said so much about him. He's cute la. But not my taste :)

I DONT LIKE MY FACE IN THE PHOTO..wrong angle lah. I've been putting on lesser eye makeup recently and fiona complains that she's not used to it. hahaha. I thought i looked okay in the mirror even with eye makeup lesser than usual, but after looking at the above picture, i decided to turn back to my heavy eye makeup. My eyes are almost invisible without my precious makeup.

Sheila was taking the same way back as us, and we chatted on the mrt. She was the one who suggested inviting me to interview for their project. She stumbled upon my blog after Xiaxue blogged about "teenager-bloggers who wear heavy eyemakeup and wear spects while camwhoring with act-cute poses". She saw many people guessing "ice-angel" in Xiaxue's comment box and googled me. Haha. It turned out that she proceeded to read several posts i wrote.

Back to the mrt, we were chatting randomly, and many times when i was halfway into telling her something, she would say she know already because i blogged about the thing before. Hahaha. How come she remembers when i dont even remembered that i blogged about it before?? lol.

Fiona and me went to East Point after that to look for MotherDay's present. I bought a very nice thingy for mummy and a very nice pair of earrings for myself. And i received a free pretty box. Yippie. Had a delicious dinner after being shocked by two men who stopped us on our way.

Two more photos before i end off this post! This photo was taken after the Bazaar Welcome Tea has ended. haha. You see only shadows because the lights were closed at that time and it's evening time. I was too busy having fun playing games and eating nice beehoon to take any photos. This is the only photo about the Bazaar Welcome Tea.


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