Friday, May 4, 2007

Tada! I kept my promise. I said I would blog about the photos by today and yes I did~! Alright, before I start showing you people all the random photos that had been rotting inside my handphone for quite some time, can someone enlighten me why do I see these paper cows almost on every field I passed by? Someone, tell me if you know why. I’m dying of curiosity. Haha.

Bought a new top and a new pair of 3-quarter pants last Tuesday and now mum forbids me to buy anymore clothes. She said that I kept spending all my money on clothes when I already have a lot in my wardrobe. Who says I have a lot?! I have trouble choosing what to wear each morning, because all of them seem to have been worn last week before already!


Msn instant games saved the day! Have you ever tried playing those games already installed in your msn windows? Sometimes when you are really bored, you have to resort to playing dumb traditional games like Checkers and Minesweeper. I first discovered Msn Instant Games at the earlier part of this year, and I started getting really hooked on, playing up to midnight with Denver, or any other person willing to play with me. Hee. Denver’s score used to charge ahead of me in Hexic, but when I played with him that day, Lady Luck was on my side and my score overtook him. Haha. However in the end I still lost because of a stupid timebomb that I could not clear.

“Pestered” Pepsi to play it with me because I was in a really bad mood that day. We tried starting a lot of the other games but only the lamest game available in the list that we could start was “Saving MoMo”. It’s a very stupid game la. This tear drop will start popping out and you have to click on it in order to “save” it. That means, if your mouse is laggy, you lose immediately.

I knew that game was lame, and wanted to try loading the other games. However, Pepsi insisted we stop waiting and play the lame game instead because he thinks that they are cute. Oh. They are Cute. But they turn irritating when you couldn’t click on them fast enough and they start turning red and cry. Pepsi agreed with me that this game is a Damn-and-not-cute game in the end. Lol.

The other games could load when I play with HengYi though. Haha. I conclude Pepsi’s computer is jealous of me talking to him. Hehe. Played several games with Hengyi~ I was winning all the way in this checker game, but lose out to him at the last minute. *crys*

We made a hamburger for supper! =X


Yeap, me without makeup on daddy’s birthday.
Daddy loves his new watch.

Ahhhh. My blusher fell on the floor one day and now it’s broken into many many pieces. Sad la. Have to fork out money to buy a blusher again. As if im THAT rich to keep buying cosmetics to replace those that dropped and broke. (my foundations, eyeliners, and now blusher! )

A friend introduced me this makeup remover. It isn’t in liquid form. It is like a thick wet tissue, except that it conveniently wipes off your makeup easily! I used to be very lazy about washing off makeup. Even with those liquid-makeup-removers, I still had to rub my eyes very roughly in order to get out all the patches of black eyeliners. However, this wiper is really easy to use and best of all, it’s very smooth! I’m going to stock up many packets of this wiper. You girls may try too! It’s NuFresh Facial Cleansing Wipes. Green tea flavoured. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin too. It’s actually very good because other than catering to us lazy people who have better things to do than wasting our strength rubbing off eyeliners, it still has another convenient use. Ever put on mascara and someone shouts den you marked a spot of mascara just at the bottom of your eye? Now, you can use this wiper to wipe away the spot without clearing the whole of your eye again. =D

Just one smooth wipe.


Nothing much. He bumped into me with his friend, and we took the bus together. His friend is very cute-looking! Haha. ( Isaac is cute also la~)

2 with spects and 2 without =)
I can swear that I look like none of these photos. Haha.

Public holiday. Family Day.

Had a hearty breakfast. Head off to downtown east with a full stomach. Haha. Looked at little kids playing with little balls while daddy and mummy go into the jackpot room. The Minimum entry age is 18. I’m 17, but I wonder if I would be able to mix in. haha. I really want to see how it looks like inside and I want to gamble too! Try and see if I could win any extra money back to buy things with. Hee. Probably not.

Those balls made me feel like jumping through the watching window and bury myself under those balls. It would be so fun and cozy.

Ate lunch there. Yummy chicken. Love the soup.

Took several pictures. Obvious eyebags. Don’t know how to photoshop them away.

I already had very pale skin with foundation, and daddy still proceed to use flash. Now I look like a ghost in the photos. Me and sis are really opposite. One white one black. Haha.

Yes, I know I posted this photo in my post 2 days ago already! But I love it super much, so it’s posted up again! Hee.


Set off to Vivo after that. Some photos from the Pet Safari there.

So cute right?! I love watching little animals, especially puppies. I wouldn’t want to bring home and take care of them though. Im not a mega-animal-lover. I just love LOOKING. I don’t like taking care of them. Haha.

These dog is way cute and pretty lor!! But when I took out my camera to take a photo of her, she turned away and wagged her tail at my face. Grrr. No matter how much I gushed her to turn back, she wouldn’t listen.

Aaah. No choice but to just capture her Pretty-but-not-as-pretty neighbor instead. Haha.

Went up the sky garden and soaked out legs inside the water. Hee. Joanne’s leg and mine.


I have fats on my face. Grrr. Daddy doesn’t know how to take from the correct angle.

I have cute grandma, cute sister, and a cute mother :)

Sea View.

Night view. Can’t see anything. Haha. Just some dots of lights.


Both of them came to visit me at school! Joined them for lunch during my long breaktime, and played around the swimming pool! Haha. Had lots of fun~

Both of them have tongue piercings. Ouch. It looks so painful.

Zoe is Pretty. Rhymes! Haha. She reminds me of bel. The way she talks. Haha. Maybe it's just the fact that she speaks English.

Went into the pool, and the water reached up to my just one inch below my mini skirt! haha.
Fiona said im very flat when she saw this picture. ahah. I have to agree with her although secretly i just hope that it was just the camera angle.

tweeced for Isaac and the camera. Haha. I look so retarded la.
I should have stood on her side instead of my side la. The hair falling on her face looks so flattering while my fringe is blown away by the wind. grrr.

Isaac and Zoe were trying to open up the gigantic umbrella. Wasted many of their strengths. I didn't help. I just laughed and SNAP. hees.

Tried to use timer for this photo. Haha. Failed Attempt because we don't know when our photos were being snapped. we couldn't hear the camera click sound. haha.

We gave up and decided to use our LONG hands instead. I love this picture!

I like this one too! Courtesy of Zoe's Long hands. Haha.
SunTanning in full attire. LOL.

Isaac took this picture.

wow. This must be my longest post ever.

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