Monday, May 7, 2007

i still can't customize my posts. It's making me less and less enthuastic to blog.

I've finally enabled moderation for my comment box, so from today onwards i shall accept only comments that i like. I won't accept comments that are disturbing me. Oh, and dont bother stating "if you dont accept this comment it means you are afraid". I dont care :)

I wanted to change my blogskin, but after choosing the colours and layout, i didn't know how to design it. Now, i'll need the help of you people!

Click on this url, and save the big and full version of the picture.

That would be the platform for you people to design my blogskin on! It should include the following text:
- The Miracle Season
- ice-angel blog

Please email your final design, either in jpeg or photoshop version, to my email address:

The best design will be used as my blogskin, and of course i'll be crediting you! thanks.

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