Thursday, May 17, 2007

I wore a mini bubble skirt to school today, and while i was doing presentation, the teacher suddenly asked if our school can ban mini skirts. hahaha. One of the guys in my class says it's disruptive to the class as boys will be distracted -.-" ( as if anyone would be interested in a pair of scarred, short, flabby legs )

Nobody even cared about how short my skirt was while i was in secondary school, because the other girls wore even shorter skirts. However after entering poly, i get commented alot about my hair and dressing because it seems that none of the girls in my class were as super vain as me. hahaha. The boys encouraged me to dye my hair black, wear more conservative clothes, and don't wear makeup. OMG. If i dressed like that in the past, i'll be automatically named as a geek.
Times Do Change.

I'll still stick to my makeup though :)
And i still don't want black hair. hehs.

One of my classmate found this colour test on the internet. Try it! READ OUT THE COLOURS YOU SEE, AND NOT THE WORDS. For example, "Red Blue Green", you have to read as [Blue Brown Red]. read them AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

Difficult right?!! Your right brain tries to say the colour but your left brain insists on reading the word. Haha. I didn't succeed in reading all the colours correctly.

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