Thursday, May 24, 2007

Have you guys noticed the new banner that links to Casa Boudoir at my advertorial sidebar? If you didn't realised that it has been there for afew days already, do click on it and view their items!

It's a new online shop that a reader of my blog opened with her friend. Homemade Accessories! The favourites for people who love unique things.

Here are some of the items already up for sale!
i think a White and Gold combination is really pretty! Both colour matching together looks pure and class.this is so Sweet! I love this one :)
... And these are only afew! They'll be posting up new items everyweek, so you can all access to their shop link by my advertorial board and choose new accessories to add to your wardrobe every week!

Here's a short description they gave about their online shop:

The accessories are handmade and design by Evolna and her friend Theresa. Although they often select the materials together, their ideas are quite different from each other so their name will be listed under the items they each made. They searched high and low for the charms and beads they fancy and experienced with different material such as buttons and wires. The accessories that they made are what they themselves would like to wear.

And now, here's something special. From 23th May to 30th May, there will be 10% off for ICE ANGEL READERS as a opening special. All you guys have to do is indicate my initials "IA" in your order email after your name.

What are you waiting for? Enter!

By the way, i found this on Chris msn Nick:
i love u for a reason. the reason is love.

Nice quote hor. haha.

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