Saturday, May 19, 2007


Who doesn’t love extra money?
Well, definitely not me. I LOVE MONEY.

I’ve read many horoscope thingies before, and a lot of them have said that Libras’ are extravagant people. Libras spend a lot. Libras do not love money, but rather they love the things that money can buy.


When I started blogging, I’ve never thought of putting advertisements on my sidebar. One reason is because they look messy, and most of the time the colours wont match my blogskin. However as time pass and my readership increases, I realised that if I could earn extra money through advertisements, why not? They don’t cost me any of my flesh anyway. Just some html changing, and tada~ Money comes in.

I think the most famous kind of ads is Google Adsense. If you are someone who keeps in contact with the blogosphere regularly, you would know what they are. Although they were popular at first, more and more bloggers are removing them now. Why? Because they look messy and most of the advertisements are not local. Worst of all, they pay you per click, so that means if you do not have high readership, you earn only peanuts. Also they do not pay with local currency.

Now, there’s something different and better than Google Adsense. Introducing… NUFFNANG. They started out in Malaysia afew months ago, and has been popular there ever since. They’ve just started expanding to Singapore, and im here to support them! I’ve signed up for an account, and pasted their ads on my sidebar. You may join too!

Why should you join NuffNang? They are different from Google Adsense. Nuffnang pays according to readership instead of the number of clicks. Now, you earn more isn’t it? You don’t have to threaten your readers to click on the ads, or even having to place your google ads on somewhere obvious and irritating just to trick readers into clicking them. Out of every 100 readers, how many do actually click on the ads? Less than 10.

Another reason why you should join Nuffnang, is that they pay you in Singapore Currency! No more hassle of currency changing, and losing part of the money to money-changers or paypal or whatever. It’s Singapore dollars!!

One more thing, the ads are featuring only local ads! That means the ads featured on your blogs will only be about things related and near to us, instead of clicking on a makeup store link from the USA.

Don’t worry about whether it’s a Malaysian company or not. They are based in Singapore too! They have an office here, and one of their owner Ming, is a Singaporean too!

Daddy loves the fact that I blog, because I’ve been earning quite some money from it. It’s not very much, but enough to bring me on nice shopping sprees. Girls and Boys, don’t hesitate anymore! Do sign up for NuffNang! Don’t worry about how much readership you have. Anyone’s applicable to join!

Oh ya, not forgetting to mention this. Every month that you are signed up with Nuffnang, you stand at least one chance of winning an attractive prize (Refer some of your friends and stand an even greater chance!). If you have not noticed, the prize value goes up every month. For this month, they're offering an IPod Nano~!!

Money and Attractive Prizes :)

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