Friday, May 25, 2007

Yay. I finally overcame my laziness and uploaded photos from my handphone into the computer! And yea, instead of doing my homework now, im sitting here blogging a random post for you guys. See? im so nice :)

Haha. Some of the photos have extreme bad quality, hope you guys don't mind!

It has been so long since i last posted up photos of myself. I have no time to take photos lah. Morning im always damn busy rushing to school cos i didn't want to wake up earlier, Afternoon my makeup already smudge, take photos also not nice. By night time, there's no natural light like the sun already. I don't like taking photos under artificial light. The light always fall unevenly on my face and it alters the way my face look. i'm serious!

At least i have one photo here. Blur SiSi and me! haha. i used to think she has a very unique and cute name until the people in my class started calling her Sissy. hahaha.

Speaking of school, found this photo in my handphone. Took it while doing science experiment with my teammates. haha. No point for this photo.

2 more pointless photos here too. haha. took pictures of the ceiling of my school library while queueing to get my laptop repaired last week. sent me my borders voucher for being in the top20 of the competition already!I dont think i have any use for the vouchers though. haha. i dont read any books except magazines nowsadays.They spelt my name wrongly. hahaHere are photos from the movie i watched with Fabian.And in this photo is the first Ben and Jerry that i ever ate! hee. im always one step slower than other people =x
I think it's great to own a microwave at home. Because i can dabao chicken roll from other place and microwave them at home so that i can eat them hot :) Yummy!

And..... LISTEN this video! A girl called "Jia Lian" mimic-ed the voices of various singers into the song of Jay Chou's Qian Li Zhi Wai. Quite funny towards the end. haha.

Some of the famous singers that are mimic-ed in the video are Stefanie Sun, Karen Mok, Selina, Coco lee, faye, Andy lau, Jacky Cheung, Amei, and even Fei Yu Ching! haha. I dont know the names of the other singers.

Some sounded alot like the real singer, but there are also some that dont sound like the singer at all.

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