Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm allergic to my medicine! Now my whole body is itchy. My arms, my legs, my neck, my face, and even my butt! Oh my. I realised i've been scratching myself so much last night that there are visible red scars on my skin now. Grrr.

By the way, remember my article on teenage intimacy? it has been nominated into the competition top20! People, i need your votes!

Enter: to vote for me,
B3! B3! B3! B3! B3! B3!

Voters stand to win a variety of vouchers, kindly sponsored by Borders Book, Miss Clarity Cafe, Matsu apparel, Uzumaki ice cream , Pitstop Cafe and Nokia too!

Every voter can only vote once, because IC number is compulsory. Do help to spread this message, and spam everyone in your msn list to help vote too :)
B3! B3! B3! B3! B3! B3!

Haha. you can also irritate your parents, pester your siblings and threaten your classmates to help me! :)

My scorings from the first judge was quite low compared to the other contestants, so PLEASE DO HELP!! your votes, every single votes are important!

If you dont like me, and dont wish to vote for me, do help vote for Isaac B17! I promised him before i wrote the article that i'll support him. Hee. I hope he gets the prize if i dont.

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