Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It’s the 2nd day I didn’t go to school. Havent recovered from this stupid illness

Finally went to the doctor yesterday, and spend 2 hours in the cold polyclinic. The doctor gave me 3 medicines, which were sort of cute looking. For fever, I had tablets with PURPLE packaging! For sore throat, I had PINK tablets to suck on, and for flu, I had super mini tablets. Gah. I forgot to tell the doctor to give me liquid medicine instead of tablets, because im so afraid of tablets. I remember the last time I was major sick, I had to swallow a lot of pills many times a day. The pills were so huge, and most of them either stuck in my throat or poke a very sharp pain. When I decided to cut the pill into two pieces, it created a much deeper pain because of the sharp ends. I remember crying every time I had to eat those tablets.

I hope to be able to attend school tomorrow though. It’s my 2nd makeup interview. I doubt I’ll pass anyway. My group has to choose a model among us, and style the model according to the theme: Birthday Party. The first thing that came into my brain was those “dolly” kind of style where you have a little grown on your head and frilly dresses, looking so petite and cute with goldilocks curls. Maybe I’ve read too many storybooks when I was young. I’m so unrealistic. Lol.

I cannot speak. No voice is coming out :(
I miss playing and shouting at the top of my voice so much. I couldn’t even taste my food nowadays. Everything is bland.

I feel so weak I feel like crying.

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