Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ooops. Sorry people, i've finished editing about 50 photos, but haven't got the time to upload them all here yet. I'll blog about them in my next post. Promise!

Hee. Meanwhile, i have something interesting for you people to try. RainYuki made this QUIZ, to find out which controversial blogger you are most similar with. I tried doing it, and...

"Congratulations, Your blogging style resembles Ice Angel! One of the babes of the blogosphere, she is also well-known for her exquisite blog layouts. Her blog attracts up to a thousand and more viewers a day, clearly showing that she is definately no pushover. "

Heehee. I indeed resembled myself! How funny would it be if i did the quiz and ended up resembling other bloggers instead of myself?! haha. However, while doing the quiz, i realised that other bloggers have their "very obvious" points, while i dont have much outstanding qualities. In some of the questions, i was stucked between two choices and i wondered which one is describing me.. Hmm. I choose to believe that maybe im a mixed-character kind of person.

Do the QUIZ and comment telling me which blogger you resemble!

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