Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I received a sms from a stranger 2 nights ago.

Stranger: Hi... Can i know you?
Stranger: Pls... I really want to know you.
Esther: Who are you?
Stranger: Someone trying to know you la. Can anot?
Esther: How you got my number?
Stranger: Can intro...?
*calls stranger directly because it's troublesome to sms. stranger doesn't pick up call*
Stranger: Why you call?
Esther: To ask who are you and how you got my number.
Stranger: Aiya. Does it matter where i got your number?
Esther: Yes.
Stranger: I anyhow press one.
Esther: You are male or female.
Stranger: You leh?
Esther: When i ask you question, u just answer. i dont like draggy people.
Stranger: But u answer mine first...
Esther: Suan ler. Dont sms me anymore.
Stranger: ok la ok la. im a guy la. u leh?

*blah blah blah*

Esther: You alot patience hor. You dont know who i am, what's my gender, i so unfriendly you still can reply hor.
Stranger: sorry sorry. dont angry la. what's your name?
Esther: Esther.
Stranger: O... Sweet name. Mine's ****. Can we be friends?
Esther: What's your age. what's your friendster email. I see already then say.
Stranger: Wa. Want to see picture then can be friends ah.
Esther: Why would i want to be friends with a 30 plus uncle or a 13 year old xiao di di??
Stranger: Sure... but im 19. So dont worry...?
Esther: You go around anyhow sms random number ah. What if im a 54 year old aunty?
Stranger: that's why i need you to tell me your age ma..
Esther: Age 54 :)
Stranger: O my god! Esther your're so young! Ur're at your golden age leh!
Esther: Go random sms another person la.

* stranger continues being interested in 54 year old me *


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