Monday, May 14, 2007

Hengyi told me a funny riddle today.

Among all the characters in fairytales, who is the most faithful one? (think about it! the answer is at the end of this entry)

- Part One: First Impressions.

It was mailed to my house long ago, just that i didn't have the time to blog about it. haha. Just some photos. KU970.

So sleek and thin!! =D
I like the front part. The screen serves as a mirror when it's resting. Click on any button and the light of the screen comes out again.

More updates about it next time! that's all for today. it's difficult to blog on laptop. My main pc is down again. The keyboard went bonkers and refused to work together with the pc.

The answer to the riddle at the top of this entry:
Mermaid. because it cannot "pi tui" (split legs, which means two-timing in chinese)

hahaahaha. it's funnier when said in chinese.

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