Sunday, May 6, 2007

Loved reading my emails this few days. Haha.

1) Shin Min Daily News

Invited me for interview about "teenage intimacy". Could not meet up with her before my school end, so settled for email interview instead. We communicated in english, so she would have to translate my words to chinese in order to publish on the newspaper. haha. I don't know which date the article will get published, but im sure to blog about it!

2) LG handphone shine bloggers programme

"A precursor to the official launch of the highly anticipated LG Shine mobile phone, we would like to invite you to be a part of the LG Shine Bloggers Relation Program, offered only to selected top bloggers in Singapore like yourself.

As a participant in this program, you will get a chance to try out the latest LG Shine phone even before it is launched to the mainstream public, and have the opportunity to review, and voice out your views and opinions about the new product."

In summary, they will be letting me use the new model for 90 days, and if i like it at the end of the 90 days, i could buy it at a substantial discount. I'll be reviewing the handphone parts by parts on my blog, on some days. I received the handphone by mail already. It's sleek and shiny! Haha. More about the handphone in future posts.

3) From some Ngee Ann Poly Students
Invited me for a radio interview about "teenage intimacy".

4) Passed Interview.
For student life activities at school, better known as CCAs, i joined "bazaar" and "pacesetters" (a cca to learn makeup, hair, and styling)

The pacesetter cca requires us to go for interviews, and i passed my first interview although i was kind of answering crap to the interviewer's questions! Phew. I thought i would flunk it. Now im waiting for the 2nd interview, which is hands-on. I've a feeling that i would fail this time though =/

My schedule for nextweek have all been packed. aaahh. busy busy. I'm still feeling very sick, and it's a terrible feeling. When i don't cover up, i would begin to shiver. when i cover myself up with a blanket, i began sweating all over. I'm so weak now that i dont even have the appetite to eat. I want back the healthy me :(

I can't customise my post! As in, i couldn't bold any words, i couldn't adjust the font, nor the html. grrr.

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