Saturday, May 26, 2007

I ate 2 spoons of jam from the refrigerator just now because i suddenly felt like eating something sweet and cold. Oops.

Did this BEN AND JERRY QUIZ, and my result is Fossil Fuel Flavour!!

i scored 70% SWEET, 74% CHUNKY, and 81% UNIQUE!

sweet cream ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces, fudge dinosaurs and a fudge swirl

" Rock out! You are quite the unique flavor with the added touch of yummy little dinosaurs and things. You're a nice person with a bit of a wild side, and very creative. Your mind works in wondrous ways and you have no problem sharing your unique thoughts with others. You know how to have fun without being an outright nuisance. Very nice. "

alright, i dont know how does the Fossil Fuel tastes like, but i still liked the results :)

Who wants to treat me to Ben and Jerry's??
heehee =X

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