Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last night was fun! And as predicted, we took super many photos. I need to wait for the other bloggers and isaac to send them to me first though. hehs. please be patient okay? i'll try my best to blog about the photos as soon as possible!

Anyway, both me and isaac were announced in the top 10 most popular bloggers of the youth.sg blogging contest and we can go on an exclusive MTV studio tour! We will get to meet all four VJs from MTV Asia – Colby, Denise, Utt and Fazura, on 7th June.

Besides that, we get to explore the MTV office, visit the studios, and watch the recordings ‘live’ from the control room. We will also be able to watch the last VJ link in the studio and take photos with the VJs as well. (description of mtv studio tour was copied from youth.sg and edited ABIT)

Yay. I Love Fun Stuff.

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