Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I was listening to my earpiece happily this morning when i crossed the road near my school and almost had an accident. I was so indulged in the song that i actually forgot to look for cars on the road! Luckily Sisi ran over and pulled me back on to the pathway.

Woooh. I almost died of shock instead of car accident. Thanks SiSi~! i wont be here blogging now if she hadn't came over and pulled me back hurriedly. She said i scared the hell out of her. hahaha.

Okay, i FINALLY watched the movie 200 Pounds Beauty after the rest of the world has already watched it long ago.

Watched it with Fabian.

Ate KFC! I realised that i ALWAYS take photo of my chicken whenever i eat KFC, so this time i didn't! I read my archives recently and found out that every photo of KFC i took looks about the same anyway. haha.

And tada~ We had free Ben & Jerry ice-cream because Fabian booked the tickets online! heees. It was the first time i ever ate Ben & Jerry, and I totally loved it. haha. I sounded so suaku when i asked told him i want to take a photo of my first cup of Ben & Jerry. hahaha. The photo is inside my handphone but im too lazy now to bluetooth it over to the pc. Next time bahs!

Alright. Enough of beating around the bush. Back to the Movie. Woooh. One sentence. THE MAIN ACTRESS IS SUPER-DUPER-CHIO lor~!!! i was grumbling all through the movie that i want to look like her. Her, after the plastic surgery of course. I wouldn't want to look like the fat version of her.

Her Plastic Surgery: i cannot deny that it's really super. Except for her eyes, the thin version looks totally different from the fat version!

I read DawnYang's blog afew days ago, and read that some people have been telling her that she looks abit like the main actress inside. I observed the girl in the movie, and realised that from some angles and facial expressions, Dawnyang really look like her!

Fabian and Fiona disagreed when i told them about it though =(

Next time if the vcd come out, i take screenshots let you all see the similarities!

I think the main actress look really very chio lah. She's not those kind of WOW-PERFECTLY-FLAWLESS-CHIO kind. She's the kind of natural-chio-with-abit-of-pretty-flaws. I loved it when she smiles with her teeth. I loved it when she's about to cry. I loved it when she gives that super cute expression.
Oh no. I sound like a tiko-ah-pek here. haha. I told fabian that if i looked like her, i would smile to every guy on the streets and they are all bound to fall for me. Heee.

When i reached home, i googled for her photos but was quite disappointed. She looks so much better in the movie than in photos lah. Her photos doesn't look like her.

I think very few cinemas are still showing the movie. Go catch it soon! :)

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