Saturday, August 18, 2007

He isn’t worth your love. Not even a little.

He two-timed you more than once.
Again and again you gave him chance.

I know how it feels,
I’ve been through it too.
I was like you,
I succumbed to him like you did too.

It’s a mystery how guys change.
For your case it’s 7 months of “love” down the drain.

There’s nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t even have the least respect for a girl.
There’s nothing worse than a guy who thinks that the existance of girls is just to satisfy male's pleasure.

Stop letting him abuse you this way.
You don’t deserve this sort of treatment,
& all your friends will be heartbroken.

You are a strong girl.
Don’t let him be the cause of your fall.

One day, you’ll find someone who is worth it all.

I haven’t found mine.
But I believe one day I will.
You will too.
We all will.

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