Monday, August 20, 2007

i saw this news article yesterday!

"A teenage couple having sex for the first time found that things got a little too hot - they were interrupted when candles set fire to the girl's attic bedroom, and forced them to flee naked from her parents' house and stand in the street.

The girl had wanted to create a romantic atmosphere for the occasion, German daily Bild reported on Friday. But when the room suddenly became engulfed with flames, they had to make a hasty escape.

The couple, both 18, were pictured naked in the paper among the burned wreckage of the attic.

The fire wrecked the entire top floor of the house causing around 100,000 euros ($134,800) worth of damage, leaving only the nude couple and a charred teddy bear intact.

I dont know whether to laugh or symphatise the couple. =X
They are quite kelian lah. If it was me, i would go for plastic surgery, change my name, and immigrate to Singapore. Lol.
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Goodbye W45C, but we will all remember.

You know what?
You are Old News.

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